Doctor click away

Doctor Click Away

The purpose of Doctor Click Away is to reduce the communication gap between patients and doctors in a way that they can communicate to each other from anywhere, anytime

We aim to cover more cities and towns across the globe in the next few years and have more doctors from across specialties on the Doctor Click Away platform for online consultation.

School PNT

Ever had to face parents who were always anxious about their child’s progress in school? Ever wished that you could just use one click and fulfill all the concerns of an apprehensive parent or staff?

The School PNT system is an eco-friendly system. A mobile app which is useful both for the students as well as for the parents.

School PNT
Dr. Log

Dr. Log

A guide for doctors to maintain their logbooks and patient records.

Dr. Log is an application which helps to capture the information by the end user.

All data is saved on secured server in USER Specific domain (No other user can access the data)

It will help in data reviewing, analysis, generating reports, making case summaries etc.


We provide custom e- Learning, LMS (learning management system) and CMS development and mobile learning solutions.

Pre-recorded content such as lectures, documentaries and other video content are delivered in a store and forward model so that the material can be viewed when needed.