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J2EE uses many components of J2SE, as well as, has many new features of it’s own like Servlets, JavaBeans, Java Message Services, adding a whole new functionalities to the language.

j2SE known as Core Java, this is the most basic and standard version of Java.It’s the purest form of Java, a basic foundation for all other editions.

Swing is a platform-independent, "model-view-controller" GUI framework for Java, which follows a single-threaded programming model. this framework provides a layer of abstraction between the code structure and graphic presentation of a Swing-based GUI.

A Java servlet processes or stores a Java class in Java EE that conforms to the Java Servlet API a standard for implementing Java classes that respond to requests. Servlets could in principle communicate over any client–server protocol, but they are most often used with the HTTP.

How does it works?

  • tick J2EE uses HTML, CSS, JavaScript etc., so as to create web pages and web services
  • tick J2SE is mainly used to create applications for Desktop environment.
  • tick wing's high level of flexibility is reflected in its inherent ability to override the native host operating system (OS)'s.
  • tick Servlets capable of handling complex request obtained from web server.

Why Java?

J2EE provides platform-independent Java centric environment. It was developed by Sun Microsystems which is presently merged with Oracle and is mainly used for developing, deploying, designing and building web based enterprise applications online. We have a formidable team at our J2EE development services, who have years of hands-on experience as well as loads of creativity to deliver the best solutions.

J2SE consist all the basics of Java the language, variables, primitive data types, Arrays, Streams, Strings Java Database Connectivity(JDBC) and much more. This is the standard, from which all other editions came out, according to the needs of the time.

Swing is a component-based framework, whose components are all ultimately derived from the javax.swing.JComponent class. Swing objects asynchronously fire events, have bound properties, and respond to a documented set of methods specific to the component

Servlets can be generated automatically from JavaServer Pages (JSP) by the JavaServer Pages compiler. The difference between servlets and JSP is that servlets typically embed HTML inside Java code.

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