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Event Management Software Development Company


We formulate innovative Event Management ideas at Techasoft, that facilitates professional and beginner event organizers to plan and run conferences, meetups and product launches with excellent efficiency and outcomes.

With our Event Management Software Development Company in Bangalore, run your events smarter, better. Be it organizing a conference, event or trade show, it is very important to make sure every step in the event is performed in a systematized manner without a glitch. It may include registration, catering, travel, ticketing and more. Our Custom event management software systems help you manage your convention smoothly, collecting the data you need along the way.


✔ Custom Event Management Software

We build custom event management software systems for seminars, trade shows, conferences, conventions, parties, ceremonies, weddings, fundraisers, etc. Our team of experts at Techasoft create planning and online collaboration tools too. This includes software to host live, interactive and virtual meetings and sessions.

✔ Event Registration Software Solutions

We program guest booking and registration management software systems, created to unite with hotel and venue sourcing applications. This software comprises features for badge creation and tracking and guest list management. We also develop branded, mobile-friendly, responsive websites, with configurable online registration tools.

✔ Event Catering Software Development

Techasoft designs custom catering management software, covering various features like food-cost applications for recipe management, weight calculation, menu and production schedules and costs.

✔ Event Marketing Software Tools

At our Event Management Software Development Company, we program event marketing software solutions, that involve applications for digital marketing, lead generation and capture, branded mobile apps and social media promotion. We program custom photography and photo-booth software, integrated into social media management platforms. We also develop customized websites for individual events, with registration portals integrated into payment modules according to requirement.

✔ Event Venue Software Systems

Techasoft develops venue management system software that covers special features such as equipment and asset tracking, space planning, staff management, vendor, exhibitor, and sponsor management, and other useful features for on-site event management. We also develop and engineer custom floor-plan simulations and seating automation software.

✔ Event Ticketing Software Development

Techasoft develops inbound ticketing management system software that can handle multi-channel requests from email, phone, web, social media and more. We further develop beneficial features to manage reminders, daily payouts and attendee self-service to view, edit, cancel and download tickets.

✔ Event Travel Management Solutions

We program best travel management system applications, this includes travel package creation, booking portal integrations, room block management, etc. We also develop modules to combine event finance data and travel records for invoice generation and billing.

✔ Event CRM Integrations

We produce integrated CRM solutions with event management system software, for automation of contact lists, SMS messaging, e-mail services, promotions, and check-in. We also develop attendee behaviour analysis applications, which covers interaction tracking, trend and relationship mapping, and more.

✔ Custom Attendee Management Software

We program attendee engagement software solutions that include interactive features like beacons, live survey and poll software and live streaming applications. We build wireless connectivity solutions and integrate or build attendee online surveys for proper follow up and instant feedback.

✔ Event Data Analysis

Techasoft builds end-to-end event analytics software platforms, which include big-data processing and management, custom reporting capabilities, and real-time data oversight. We integrate with revenue and budgeting software and develop reporting tools to manage finances and calculate ROI on an event-by-event basis.

Our Specialities and Events Software Development Solutions

  • Software solutions
  • Digital Marketing
  • Software consultants
  • Association Management
  • Mobile App development
  • Dating Apps
  • Event Management System
  • Event Technology
  • Lead Retrieval
  • CRM Tools and much more.

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What is meant by the event management system development?

It is the element of the project management system to innovate and develop big events application software like social parties, concerts, festivals, conferences, ceremonies, weddings, conventions, etc..

List the Simple steps for Event Management?

  • List the events objects
  • Design event goals
  • Organize a team
  • Set the date
  • Brand your event in style
  • Define administrative process
  • Identify and build partnerships and sponsorships
  • Direct a publicity action
  • Outline the budget
  • Evaluate the event

What is the event planning process involved?

Event planning is the process of executing a plan or event successfully such as a meeting, convention, tradeshow, ceremony, team building activity, formal party or convention.

How does an Event Management System help an Event Planner?

A good Event Management Software Company increases event sales and provides a smooth planning process. With our Event Management Software Development Company in Bangalore, you will also be able to capture event leads, convert leads to bookings, create contracts and BEOs, Reporting options to measure ROI, and so much more.

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