With the cyber world becoming more and more vulnerable to attacks and threats, security is something which cannot be compromised at all. In order to develop secure apps, security elements such as integrity, confidentiality and authenticity must be considered and tested beforehand. Life cycle of any application development must possess all the required security testing to make sure that there is no data leakage, and there is a flawless functioning, compliance to standards and security vulnerability assessment.

As security attacks in today's time have grown exponentially to succeed in this threatening landscape of technology, a number of organizations must consider security testing services which prevent the application from all the possible vulnerabilities. Web apps in general will hold sensitive business and private customer data, to prevent hackers from entering and damaging your networks, data or apps and you must identify where they are vulnerable and accordingly, take the corrective measures to prevent as well as rectify the gaps in security.

Our software security testers at Techasoft are skilled enough to protect your app or software from security violation or unintended penetration. They will also help you ensure that your app doesn’t fall victim to some common vulnerabilities and take a deeper look to rectify any weak points hackers can exploit. All the deals with a mobile app, web app, API, a software or another platform that can be taken care based on coverage of the classes of vulnerabilities identified in the top 10 categories include the following three mentioned areas:

  • Insecure Interaction between Components
  • Risky Resource Management
  • Porous Defenses

Our Security testing company in Bangalore can help you assess the gaps and protect your applications through data leak prevention, static masking and dynamic masking.


We strongly recommend checking the security of your network, apps, and the other parts of your IT infrastructure regularly be it monthly, quarterly, or even annually depending on your particular needs to get the following benefits from it:

  • You maintain the compliance with all the basic requirements of security regulations and standards that is HIPAA, PCI DSS, etc.
  • You stay aware of any new vulnerabilities that occur in the result of the addition, change, or removal of your IT environment components as well as modification of end user policies.
  • You get up-to-date information on the security vulnerabilities, if any, existing within your IT environment.


Over the last few years, we have built up a repository of hundreds of security test cases and even developed capabilities using both open source and proprietary security testing tools. Below are two major testing techniques we use:

  • Security Testing Techniques:

    Our team at Techasoft implements top class techniques in order to check for SQL injection, Cross-Site Scripting and zero-day vulnerabilities along with the vulnerabilities discovered by our Research and Development team through CoE. Our methodology consists of the test techniques which are manually executed. For eg. Industry or business logic driven tests are translated into manually crafted payload to assess all the vulnerabilities and showcase the steps which can, in any way, exploit any weakness in the Information or Network system.

  • Testlets for various types of Security Testing:
    Our security testing service providers have collated Test-lets that are based on various security test types employed for Security testing. The tests include testing for vulnerabilities like SQL Injection, Cross-Site Scripting, Broken Authentication, Session Management, Cross-Site Request Forgery, Security Misconfiguration, and much more.


Security Testing
  • Sensitive Data Exposure
  • Cross Site scripting (Reflected)
  • Multiple Concurrent Logins
  • Cacheable HTTPS response
  • Information disclosure
  • Older version of server
  • Cross-origin resource sharing
  • DOS & DDOS
  • Disable the server-info Directive.
  • Disable the server-status Directive.
  • Disable the ServerSignature Directive.
  • Set the ServerTokens Directive to Prod.
  • Disable Directory Listing.
  • Enable Only the Required Modules.
  • Use An Appropriate User and Group.
  • Restrict Unwanted Services.
Linux server
  • Two factor Auth for SSH login
  • Restrictive access to directory
  • Firewall setup
  • Internal communication to be done on localhost
  • Disable all unnecessary port
  • Regular update of install packages
  • Database access restricted to particular IP
  • Configure cloudflare attack on system
  • API overflow access check, server to send Alert

Below steps will be used to track traceability

  • Linux native logs of user getting login into system
  • Alarm will be raised if someone tries to login with wrong server credentials more than 3time
  • User account will be locked after 3 wrong tries
  • Password change policies 90days
  • VAR/System generated logs to be captured and moved to separate server for traceability


Web Application Penetration Testing

We help companies from a wide range of different industries to secure their web apps by penetration testing. Our team of security engineers is made of experts who are very talented and specialize in conducting application-level and network-level assessments along with the development of countermeasures and solutions.

Social Engineering Penetration Testing

A number of malicious entities are generally much more successful in breaching the network infrastructure by the social engineering route ad so, to help protect your software from this strike type, we make use of a combination of automated and manual ways to simulate the attacks.

Mobile Applicatio Penetration Testing

The quality testing services we offer are totally trustworthy and so, we are one of the leading software testing companies providing security testing services for iOS and Android platforms. At Techasoft, we make use of proprietary security testing framework for examining and also for finding flaws in the mobile application logic layer as well as the server side components layer.

Vulnerability Assessment & Penetration Testing (VAPT)

VAPT is basically a mix of two procedures which involves Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing. The former is a procedure to find all kinds of flaws or vulnerabilities in the System under Test (SUT) and the latter goes deeper and tries to exploit all these vulnerabilities with an intent to cause damage to the SUT.

Red Team Attack

In our company, we follow simulations that include real-world’s adversarial behaviors and techniques, tactics, procedures which allows one to measure the security program’s effectiveness when faced with some determined and persistent attackers.

IoT Penetration Testing

Our IoT infiltration testing procedure thinks rationally about the total target environment that is covering areas like the interchange’s channels and encryption conventions, as well as utilization of cryptography, APIs and interfaces, equipment and firmware. Automobile, and Agriculture are again some of the domains where we provide our services.


Quality testing services and especially, Security testing services have become a boardroom agenda and all thanks to the alarming increase in the number of privacy breaches that enterprises face on a day to day basis, thereby leading to a tremendous negative impact on the brand name as well as client retention.

But do not worry, Techasoft provides Security Testing services and web application penetration testing that uncovers vulnerabilities in applications and ensures that your application risks are minimized, and benchmarks your software code for enhanced quality assurance. Our Security Testing services across different industry verticals and enterprises ensure their cyber-safety, leading to robust brand image and client retention so feel free to get in touch with us today.

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