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Banking Management Software Company In Bangalore


Techasoft is a leading Software development Company in Bangalore, with many years of experience and expertise in the Industry we are delivering Banking Management Software that ensures compliance risk management, we build Bank Management System Software that enhances customer experience. With our 

Banking Management Software Company you can perform advanced core banking operations easily and conveniently.

Techasoft's Testing, CRM, Analytics and Enterprise resource planning (ERP) Services help banking companies run their day-to-day banking tasks with ease. With our Digital and IT, Transformation services lead your business to a modernized transformation that helps your banking clients in becoming future-ready.

Banking IT facilities by Techasoft are

  • Retail and Corporate Banking
  • Cards and Payments
  • Treasury
  • Commercial Finance

Numerous banks are presently using bank management software to strengthen and enhance their operational tasks through modern technologies like document imaging and document management. Traditional approaches of bulky reports such as meeting minutes, bank policies and insurance policies can now be efficiently managed electronically through our software for any banking and financial institutions.


Techasoft's Bank Management Software will support your staff by making important files such as policies, procedures available with the click of a mouse. Instantly route such documents for review, by saving your time and space. Our bank management software is recommended for storing and tracking all of your bank’s important internal documentation.

Techasoft is a Banking Management Software Company in Bangalore, which builds Bank management software that enhances workflow through reliable document imaging, bank document management, and bank-wide integration. Along with this, get a centralized database for storing bank insurance documents, meeting minutes, policies and procedures, and much more. You can also get an intuitive report archive feature which ensures reports are automatically stored as they are pulled.


  • Our software manages all bank insurance info
  • Get centralized meeting minutes
  • Advanced Information Sharing
  • Comprehensive Bank Management Software
  • Securely maintains all the transaction data 

There will be millions of transactions taking place every second in the world. Capturing the data, validating and verifying the details and executing the right transactions in milliseconds are made possible by the proper use of technology. Banking industry often finds itself on the verge of a newer revolution. Experimenting, bringing out new solutions, durability testing and scalability are the necessity of the hour. Techasoft's services strive to analyse, simplify and automate the life of a banker by touching every aspect of the transaction.

Techasoft's Banking IT facilities and Services: 

  • Deposits
  • Loans
  • Remittances
  • Debit Cards
  • Trade Finance
  • Clearing and Payments
  • Customer Management


Techasoft's in-depth business understanding, high-quality delivery capability and strong partnerships empower our robust portfolios of banking solutions. Our power packaged solutions empower faster adoption of technology driving to greater and quicker business impacts.

  • Core Banking Testing Suite: Techasoft renders end-to-end core banking testing solutions along with reusable core banking test assets to meet the requirements of both product and banking companies. At Techasoft, we make use of different models to ensure comprehensive functional test coverage, and make sure it meets the specific requirements of clients.

  • One-Touch Loan Origination framework: Techasoft can help its clients streamline and automate the end-to-end lending and leasing origination processes through the One Touch Loan Origination framework covering all the sub-processes, covering pricing, decision, document management, etc. resulting in better customer service and faster decision.

  • Bank management software solution overview:

  1. Centralized customer master system for the convenience of customer management 

  2. Extensibility - Platform capability to service brand new business on-boarded through acquisitions and spinoff. Along with Automated document generation and management

  3. Get Complete sync-up of deal origination, quote generation, automated deal approval and repository management to manage, approve and close the deals quickly

  4. Our solution has an inbuilt data migration framework to load the data from legacy to the core system

  5. Our Centralization of operations leading to overcome infrastructure and maintenance costs

  • Fraud Detection and prevention by employing predictive analysis: Techasoft's predictive analytics helps organizations to detect and predict fraud or suspicious activity, by utilising various analytics insights. Thus helping you in making wise decisions. The solution leverages the historical data and allows financial services to identify patterns based on past behaviour and predictive modelling/analysis to identify potential fraud-prone transactions/activities.

  • Get Integrated Information and data management facility: Data management and integration relates to the application of several types of data management to increase the best use of information and maintenance throughout the data life cycle. 

  • Regulatory Reporting framework: Our Bank Management software's Regulatory Reporting proprietary Framework can help customers in the compilation, preparation and up-to-date submission of data to the regulators to assure consistency, reconciliation and accuracy of regulatory reporting.

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What Is Meant By Banking Software? 

Banking Software in simple words means a software related to a  bank. In general, it is enterprise software that is utilized by the banking industry to deliver and manage the financial products they produce.

How Does The Banking Software Work?

Be it a commercial or retail bank, they use core banking software and that software records and manages the transactions made by the banks' customers to their accounts. To put it in simple words it frees customers from going to the bank for minor transactions and all these activities can be done anywhere.

What Are The Types Of Bank Services?

  1. ATMs Services.
  2. Debit cards.
  3. Home banking.
  4. Online banking.
  5. Mobile Banking.
  6. Accepting Deposit.
  7. Priority banking.
  8. Private banking.
  9. Advancing of Loans.
  10. Overdraft.
  11. Discounting of Bills of Exchange.
  12. Check/Cheque Payment
  13. Collection and Payment Of Credit Instruments
  14. Foreign Currency Exchange.
  15. Bank Guarantee.
  16. Remittance of Funds.
  17. Credit cards.

What Is Meant By The Bank Management System?

A Bank Management System is an application for managing a personal account in the bank. The Bank Management System is responsible for providing access to the customer to create an account, to deposit or to withdraw the cash from his account. 

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