Bulk SMS - Transactional sms pricing

The bulk SMS service enables you to directly interact with your existing as well as targeted customers, and deliver some valuable information in the form of an SMS. SMSs are among one of the best online tools for propagating the information, and having a very high readability rate and thus, there are very high chances that when you send a business SMS to your customers, they will get the information that they are looking for.

We are among the leading bulk SMS service provider in the city and we provide our clients with the best bulk SMS service that they will ever find. Our excellent online SMS service enables you to send bulk SMS to a group of individuals as well as a single user through an advanced SMS messaging platform. With a user friendly interface that we offer and robust tools for scheduling the SMS delivery, we literally facilitate the best in class bulk SMS gateway to all our clients.

SMS Pack Rate / SMS (Ps) Amount Tax Amount Total (Inc.Tax) Order
5,000 SMS 0.23 1150/- 207/- ₹1357/-
10,000 SMS 0.2 2000/- 360/- ₹2360/-
25,000 SMS 0.19 4750/- 855/- ₹5605/-
50,000 SMS 0.16 8000/- 1440/- ₹9440/-
1,00,000 SMS 0.14 14000/- 2520/- ₹16520/-
5,00,000 SMS 0.135 67500/- 12150/- ₹79650/-
10,00,000 SMS 0.13 130000/- 23400/- ₹153400/-



Now you can easily send SMS to subscribers with mobile operators who use the GSM and CDMA standards.


Use our modules and plugins to integrate the SMS service with your CRM, CMS, ecommerce systems, and SaaS applications and you would get all this in super affordable price.


Add the recipient's name, offer loyalty program bonuses, give them a discount as a voucher gift for a subscriber's birthday, and much more by just adding some variables to your mailing list and getting started with personalization.


The bulk SMS services we provide, leverage the growing dependency on cell phones that is quick, gripping the urban and semi urban population of Bangalore. People now hardly move around without their cell phone and hence, accessing prospective customers as well as already existing customers have just become all the more easier than ever before. Moreover, customers are more prone to reading and responding to text messages in today's time in comparison to accessing emails or physical brochures. Therefore, bulk SMS is fast emerging as a preferred mode of marketing and advertising for financial institutions as well as corporate organisations.

Various SMS service companies have designed some really intuitive solutions ensuring that the popularity of bulk SMS services in the city remains constant. The SMS solutions are usually online tools which can be easily accessed through merely a net connection. Customers receive messages from short reply numbers that helps to simplify the process of responding back to the message and this is one of the best things about it.

Powerful SMS Features to grow your Business

  • SMS delivery over all mobile networks in India within a few clicks.
  • We offer uninterrupted service with 99% uptime to make it easier for you to manage.
  • Affordable price, best return on investment (ROI) is ensured by our team especially in Bulk Transactional SMS Pricing.
  • Schedule SMS Text can be sent in just a click to many customers.
  • Detailed delivery report can be viewed to prepare a better strategy in the future.
  • Efficient, Reliable and fast - this precisely describes our services.
  • Dedicated SMS bandwidth is ensured by our team.
  • Instant Account Activation can be done without any hassle.
  • Complete security for database is being taken care of.



Once your customer is done with their action, they will quickly receive an OTP (one time password) within 8 seconds. We offer enterprise grade OTP services because we value your authentication factor choice. We also uphold the reliability because OTP is the second layer of defense against the financial frauds in today's time.

2 Way Messaging

Now you can easily receive SMS via long code on your phone number be it when you want to conduct online polls or want bulk SMS for some online contests.

Transactional SMS

With this type of SMS, you can easily forward valuable information to all your customers and also to all DND and Non DND contacts. In your sender ID, your company's name will also be mentioned and under premium transactional SMS service, you can easily integrate bulk SMS API.

Voice SMS

Now you can send bulk voice messages of normally 30 seconds or less to your customers. As it is a completely automated process, there is no need of any dialer or operator to process the calls.

Promotional SMS

With the help of promotional SMS, you can create awareness and notify about the same to your customers in no time. For eg. When there is a live sale, all your customers can come to know about it as soon as the sale goes live. Whether the aim of the promotion is to create awareness or brand loyalty, we offer you liberal Bulk SMS service.

Miss Call Alert Service

Now get miss call alert service in order to conduct online surveys, take polls and collect customer information for business. Now get real time miss call alerts along with the contact details of customer.

Why Choose Us?

Being one of the top-notch bulk SMS provider in Bangalore, we help our customers from all over the nation with outstanding services to send SMS online at a very cost-efficient price. We also enable you to send the personalized messages to all your customers with great ease with our bulk SMS pack and Bulk Transactional SMS pricing that is very affordable and won't burn hole in your pocket. Below are few reasons why you should choose us as your bulk sms service provider:


Plug your software with our plugins and then you do not need to login into our bulk sms platform again and again.

API Code

Use our ready to integrate api and then directly start automated communication with your clients and retain them with micro-investment that will be profitable to your business in the long run.

Media-Rich SMS

Entertaining media-rich SMS supporting images, attachments and more can be attached to the SMS.

API Container

Connect your program with our API container and post then, easily integrate codeless multiple API's and this will really benefit you a lot.

Target Book

Send automated wishes or alerts to your loved ones and your already existing users, basically now use your data more effectively.