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About Dr Log

Dr log aims to provide the best medical diagnostic and reporting solution to the patient and doctor. Lessens the paperwork.


  • Add Patient
  • Report generation
  • Archive
  • Collaboration
  • Offline Access On Mobile Apps

Doctor SignIn

Sign Up and Login to Doctor's Dashboard.

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Patient detail

Patient Detail

Add patient detail and keep track of the patient. Collaborate with other doctors. Keep records of patient's pre-operation, surgery, post-operation, follow-up records.

What The Project Means For us

The aim of this project is to provide doctor-patient log to the doctors.This project is useful for medical and health professionals who visit patients every now and then and need a way to keep track of medical records.

Our Products

Custom e- Learning, LMS (learning management system) and CMS development and mobile learning solutions

Doctor click away is available on play store. It has been designed to connect with doctors.