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About CareLick

Promoters & Supporters of Carelick are North American Mallicks from the USA and Canada with strong roots in the small town of Biharsharif in the state of Bihar, India, with significant majority living in India & Pakistan. We are dedicated to building Carelick into a respectable and reliable social institution geared towards caring for the needy. Our goal is to make a statement that we should not forget those who need our support and know fully well that slogans are not the substitute of the performance. Carelick is a non profit organization designed to promote and support willing individuals to undertake charitable, social, community and economic development projects Emergency fund unit Youth action Unit Entrepreneurial and Professional unit Humanitarian and Philanthropic unit International Literacy Mission Unit


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What The Project Means For us

CareLick provide the appropriate tools that allow individuals, families and communities to accomplish our mission related to sustainable livelihood social and family support systems. Carelick, a welcoming, caring and engaging community of families. Enjoy the spirit of volunteering, family support and social entrepreneurship that invigorates life and provides lasting peace and mission to life.

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