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Custom Boutique Software Services

We produce top quality online boutique management systems via our team of skilled software development tech geeks. We deliver Custom Boutique Software Services irrespective of the size and shape of the company. We are also renowned as the best Software Development Company in Bangalore, hence our expertise over the technology we use is guaranteed for our clients.


When you necessitate creating a custom software system of any complexity and without compromise on quality - Techasoft is a perfect vendor for you. We are specialized in developing a feature-rich, functional and reliable distributed application for any platform. Our approach relay on blending industry best practices with the edge technologies to deliver world-class outcomes. We unite Development, Design, Analyst, Marketing in a single team to cover every project need.

Techasoft is a customer-friendly Software development Company, our team of Boutique Management Software developers are flexible, reliable and work dedicatedly to get the best results.


✔ Easiest Way To Do Your Retail Billing

Techasoft builds an easy to use, POS billing and inventory management software which equips business owners with complete control on the business even if you are not present in the shop physically. Techasoft POS system allows viewing the key statistics about the everyday operations at any point in time. The intuitive dashboard gives details on the customer walk-in numbers, daily sales, top-selling products and expenses versus income graphs. The day closing facility makes sure that a daily summary report is transferred in your inbox which sums up the details covering sales, expenses, Cash in till, stock value, fast-moving products, and category-wise sales contribution.

✔ Purchase Management

The purchase module enables you to create purchase invoices and during the goods receiving option to add items to the stock is also available. The barcode of each product is automatically generated by the system which supports smooth and hassle-free labeling. The payables are moved to the finance module which allows tracking of the payment schedules.

✔ Barcode Scanning

Techasoft promotes the barcode generation in any standard methods like Gs1 or self – Barcodes. Barcode Scanning is also used in the POS module which enables hassle-free billing. Stock controls are well maintained by allowing barcode scanning at each product movement point.

✔ Financial Management

The financial management module by Techasoft enables you to get up-to-date accounting information online. The suite comes along with a package that includes General Accounting, Management Accounting and Fixed Assets Management with all statutory reports. The module is flawlessly integrated with the other module which helps in tracking payables and receivables without cross entries.

✔ Customer Relationship

Techasoft always saves important data of customers like birthdays, anniversaries, purchase history, purchase behavior, etc. These details help the business owner for opportunities for upselling. Connected customer relation is also sustained in the form of SMS and email for special offers and on special occasions.

✔ POS Billing

Simple, Secure and user-friendly billing is a must in retail points to avoid long queues and hence customer grievances. Techsoft develops a smartly designed UI that implements hassle-free billing and is enjoyed by the billing staff as it makes their work easy.

✔ Reports

Smart reports are pooled from the system which stores detailed insight into the routine operations of the business. The reports on sales, stock, fast-moving and trending products, day closing, cash and card settlement, payables and receivables are just a click away. Get customized and business intelligence reports feature of Techasoft which is also an attractive POS feature.


  • We create simple and easy to use interface and Responsive
  • Easy stock management
  • Register report
  • Support multiple branches
  • Manages item's expiry date details
  • Scan items instantly at checkout with barcode scanner integration
  • Hold sales option
  • Define Offers for Customer Group’s and business location

We Provide Service Across The Globe

Our Software Solutions is not only limited to Bangalore we work startups, solopreneurs, and businesses of all sizes, irrespective of their stages. To nurture, build and grow their amazing ideas and that is how we grow together in the industry.

✔ Design

We take a lean approach to intensify the design and essences on meeting the actual needs of your end-users through validation and testing.

✔ Development

We have innovative and experienced software product development expertise to formulate your products and solutions.

✔ DevOps

We will also take care of your infrastructure and the performance of your system, so you can get back to making the product that makes business.

About Our Boutique Software Company in Bangalore

Techasoft is not just a Boutique Software Development Company in Bangalore, we know that a website or application software is a user application that usually targets any number of users. Keeping this in mind, we build functional, feature-rich software and applications which is not only user-friendly but also modern.

We believe in performance-based systems and we manage a-z of website services along with application services.

We deliver our expertise to various Industry Solutions:

  • Mobile App Development
  • Web App Development
  • UI/UX Design
  • Digital Marketing
  • E-Commerce
  • Sales CRM
  • Healthcare
  • MVP Development

Techasoft has comprehensive hands-on experience in designing and developing mobile apps. We work on all major mobile platforms – iPhone, iPad, and Android app development. We help businesses leverage the services to create a market-ready, reach a vast audience, boost brands and transform business processes.

  • Advance Design
  • Technical Partner for your company
  • On-Demand Project
  • Projects are completed as per the defined time interval
  • Staffing Augmentation

Techsoft radiates innovation that drives our clients and industry forward-by actively engaging and creating innovative products.

We are a top-quality custom software development company. Delivering solutions that fulfil customers’ needs and business expectations. We unite proven techniques, industry knowledge and our technology expertise of skilled software developers to deliver high-quality software solutions. We are helping startups to enterprises in glorifying their brand. Our limitless technology support is interfaced with an analytical understanding of your business requirements.

At Techasoft you can hire a full-stack developer team

Our team has learned to work efficiently together and acing the Custom Boutique development services, by solving numerous challenges in their projects. They are self-organised, hyper-productive and bonded to share a strong team spirit. Get Customized services as per your requirement and select your packages. Our team is here to support and enhance your business at any given stage of its development

If you want a great team with a dedicated zest and project-based development team to help create great software, get in touch with us


  • What Does Boutique Mean In Business?

A boutique is a small financial firm that gives specialized services for a discrete segment of the market.

  • What is a Boutique Business Model?

Boutique is a kind of business model, it is a filter through which you, as a business owner, can make decisions. It isn't any price-sensitive business. It is a business where one that won't compromise the client's experience to save a few dollars. It's racing on service, quality product and sensory experience rather than price.

  • How Do I Start An Online Boutique Store?
  1. Register your online Boutique domain name
  2. Register your Employer's Identification Number
  3. Apply for Seller's Permit aka Resale Permit aka Wholesale licence.
  4. Sync your Bank Account
  5. Get in touch with wholesale dealers and vendors around different cities.
  6. Get a good Camera as it online store you will need good pictures of the products or you could buy an iPhone too.
  7. Market your business
  8. Use Facebook and Instagram to promote your business

Sounds hectic right? Don't worry Techasoft is here to build your Boutique Brand efficiently at an affordable price. Contact Techasoft and Get more details about Boutique Software Development services in Bangalore.

  • How Much Does It Cost For Boutique Management Software?

Depending upon the different features, panels, technology and functionalities, the cost of software Management System is in the range of $15000 to $30,000 if you are planning to develop it from scratch.

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