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Your business face in the virtual medium is the website that will represent your values and company quality on the internet, we at Techasoft provide professional web design services which includes eCommerce web design, social network design, logo design and much more. We are the number one web design company in Bangalore offering expert design services to several types of companies ranging from small to big MNC companies.

The famous proverb says that the first impression is a good impression, so you should have a perfect and attractive website to represent your business in the digital medium because your site is the showcase to display all your products and services.

We are Techasoft, one of the leading Website Development and web design company in Bangalore, we have a crew of creative designers who think out of the box to create an excellent design so that you can easily take on your competitors that will proportionally increase your conversion rates, decrease your bounce rates, less loading time and you will have a mobile-friendly website at the end. If your website is in perfect design that can convert your visitor into your customers. We offer best website design services with interactive UI, which will make your website to stand out from the crowd

We Are The Best Result Providers

We offer web designing and other related services at a comparatively lower cost and we provide flawless service in unique logo design, website redesign, and web design for individuals, startup, corporate, and much more. We are the experienced professional for creating Web design to several reputed clients, companies, and organizations across various locations in the Globe.

We Give You The Best Design

We are one of the leading web design companies in Bangalore who maintain professionalism in their services because we provide services at top-notch quality. We are the answer to your web design near me search engine query.

One-Stop For All Your Needs

We design a website that can deliver 100 percent work effortlessly and if you have responsive Web Design created by us, then you have a bright future in visual marketing. We provide you with a design, you can control your website easily, you can improve your brand reputation among people, you can earn customer satisfaction easily and also you can get a raise in income.

Past Experience

We have excellent past experience of working with big clients because of that reason we are on the page of web design near me query on Google listings.
We are the best solution for all your needs, and also we offer web design for e-commerce, social networking process, and blogging. If you want to experience the best world-class service in designing then immediately contact us through email, WhatsApp, social media, or through contact number available at our site.
We think from the customer’s point of view and deliver service according to their needs and requirements. The success of the business lies with how the website looks to the outside world, hence in order to have a better brand name, one should have a professional design for their website.

Connect With The Audience

We have a team of highly skilled professionals who work around the clock for giving excellent web design and also a good website designer can create an extraordinary design for your website. We give topmost premium services for e-commerce website design and we deliver all types of social networking sites for your business.
Website is a medium for business owners to connect directly to a customer, so if you give a work of web design in the professional hand, then you can generate more traffic rate on the website because professionals like us design the website, which will catch the attention of people roaming through your website.
We create an online presence that can easily meet the business needs of yours and our proficient designers can design a flexible and adaptable design.

Process Of Creating A Website

The steps in creating a perfect web design involve planning, site architecture, creation, testing, launching and maintenance

  • tick Research, it involves studying the sites and the requirements. Planning, preparing, and organizing all the information needed to design a website.
  • tick Site architecture, it is the outer layout of the design, this gives the overall framework for the design going to develop.
  • tick Creation is the main part of a website and it is the process of developing an idea into a required design.
  • tick Testing is the process before releasing the design, it involves testing page speed, bugs, etc.
  • tick Launching is the final step in the web designing process, releasing the design for public usage.
  • tick Maintain and upgrade your website in order to sustain in the complex environment.

It also consists of other information such as icon design, colors, website layout, fonts, typography, and image designs. The above all the elements combined together and formed as a website and design is the visual appearance of the site that will show how the site will look.

Unique Design

Our designers will give your company’s website the new refreshed look, feel, and content that can gain more views than another ordinary website that can directly increase your conversion rates. We design websites with numerous pages, multiple links, blogs, unlimited images, a broader range of content, feeds, reviews, comment boxes, and much more. After the designing of the website, we provide maintenance service for your site, in order to keep it updated.


We design the website with the following features to make your brand recognizable among consumers

  • tick A customized layout which can treat the eyes of your consumers, even a nonbuyer can buy your products, when he goes through your site.
  • tick User-friendly design, most of the consumers use mobile for searching, if your site is mobile friendly then you can get a larger number of users.
  • tick We provide a multi-page photo gallery, to speak about your service and organizations.
  • tick FAQ’s section to interact more with consumers.
  • tick Comments, feedback, and contact us section to connect directly with the readers.
  • tick Blogs, we denote the exact motive of your organization to represent your thoughts directly.
  • tick Payment gateway, we design multiple gateways like a credit card, debit card, Paytm, Google pay, and much more.
Get Rank On The First Page Of Google

Your online presence should be very perfect and appealing, they can make the Google search engine crawl your website easily that will result in a higher ranking in the SERPs listing, and thereby you can achieve more conversion of leads into consumers.

Compete With Big MNCs

If you are a startup company or middle-range company, then you should have a good presence in the virtual medium to open competition with big Multi-National Companies. You can get a follower base nearer to the giant company without more effort and resources.

Stand Out From The Crowd

Being unique can drive more benefits than being normal, if you have a unique design, then you can easily stand out from the crowd and can follow the target you want to achieve without spending more money and effort. A website is the face of the company, hence we should groom faces with good accessories that will give a good result because consistency is the key to achieve success.

We Work Upon Various Website Builders

  • Wix
  • Shopify
  • BoldGrid
  • Squarespace
  • iPage Website Builder
  • Magneto
  • Joomla
  • GoDaddy Website Builder
  • PHP
  • Java

Why Us?

We are a pioneer in providing design related services at a comparably lower cost than other web design companies in Bangalore because the service we offer is at a world-class level so that you can easily gain more number of consumers. Our skilled professionals develop and present new concepts, ideas, solutions, and a approaches which will make your consumer engage more time on your website.

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