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  • Artificial Intelligence sometimes described as Machine Learning is a technology that implies intelligence shown by machines, in contradiction to the natural intelligence presented by humans.
  • Artificial Intelligence eases businesses do more with less by automating excellence, but manual and time-consuming tasks. AI is mostly used to elicit new insights, transform decision making, and drive improved business outcomes.
  • Automation has taken over the world and it is evolving stronger than ever. Artificial Intelligence is playing a major role in making the application work smarter and faster.
  • Every small organisation or big business is investing in these advanced technologies to obtain accurate and better results.
  • Both Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are elements of Data Science and go hand in hand.
  • You can even prognosticate the business problems before they happen with Artificial Intelligence services and Machine Learning services.

Who we are

Techasoft is a leading Artificial Intelligence Company in Bangalore and we have a team of specialist Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Engineers and data scientists to ease your business and transform your conventional operating system into modern and intelligent systems.

We work on building up data storing architecture which can be used for data visualization, prediction, and decision making. At Techasoft, can create fault tolerance and highly automated systems using Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning technologies. We have worked and innovated on various domains like manufacturing, healthcare, logistics, and many more.

As a leading AI-Based Company in Bangalore, Our Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Development Process are we working on researching and collecting the meaningful data in this world full of data and development of technologies and increasing popularity of it.

Therefore, at Techasoft, we diligently collect all the information from your sources. We follow a standard AI & ML development process to help you grow your business.

FEATURES OF Artificial intelligence

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Eliminate dull and tiresome tasks

We do some jobs just for the sake of finishing them, not that we love to do that. Doing the same task number of times can be tiresome also you might get bored. But this boredness will not be seen in AI. It will perform repetitive tasks without any boredom.

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Data swig

Intake of massive data is the major feature of AI. Even a small company with few employees has so much of the database, just imagine the big organization's data such as Facebook has to manage. All this dynamic data handling can be done easily with the AI.

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Mimics human cognition

As the name suggests it is known for its artificially intelligent system because it tries to imitate the way the human mind thinks and solves problems. This makes AI a Unique technology.

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AI-based systems are developed to observe and react to their surroundings. Not only that they also store the data through which they perceive things. One such example for it is ADS - automated driving system that uses machine learning algorithms to interpret various data and analysis the situation.

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Prevent natural disasters

We all are familiar with using AI for our business or gaming and many other purposes. Now its governments turn to make use of it in disaster management. AI can accurately foretell the future relating to the disasters that might occur.

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Facial Recognition and Chatbots

Facial recognition to unlock the devices is done by AI by using various features, to enable authorized access to your device.


One cannot stay away from languages. Natural processing languages are increasingly used by the companies as a part of Artificial Intelligence to build smart applications and understand text.


Advances in Deep learning has improved the ability of algorithms to understand the text. With the help of CNN we have build smart case routers which can be used to understand the customer complaints and also direct them to the right direction.


Text summarization enables one to summarize and understand text like – news, blogs , articles and etc.


This is not less than a wonder. Deep learning has enabled the companies to draft models that could answer any question from the paragraph by scanning the relevant words.


Topic modelling uses unsupervised learning to derive the main topics in a document. This allows one to better understand the main themes of a document.


This is used by the companies to understand the emotions connected with their brands, product and services. It is also used to monitor online conversation and understand a customers conversation with company's agents.


Let us have a look at the most vital advantages of the ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE


Data Lakes

Data Lakes gives your organization access to more critical data for training without straining the in-house resources of your organization.


Easy Spam Detection

Spam detection was one of the earliest problems solved by AI & ML. With the advent of AI & ML, new rules came for spam filters using neural networks.


Increased Automation

AI & ML automates anything ranging from tasks that involve extreme labour to the process of recruitment.


Microservices Capability

Microservices are modular and can comfortably follow an agile development timeline. Your company can adopt microservices to automate a service for your customer and relieve the burden of humans.


Longer Availability

We can utilize resource 24*7 from machines as they wouldn't need frequent breaks, this will lead to an increase in productivity


Day to Day Application

All of us use automation in our everyday lives. We directly or indirectly use AI and ML tech to ease our daily routine.


Handling Repetitive Jobs

Repeated jobs are tedious and tiresome, this kind of job can be easily managed with the help of AI algorithms.


Reduction of Error

The major benefit of using Artificial Intelligence is, it helps us for error reduction and increasing the chance of attaining higher accuracy with a greater degree of precision.


Machine Learning, Deep Learning and Neural Networks.

Problem Solving, Learning and planning, Speech recognition are the main attributes here - Echo, Nest from Google, Siri, Alexa, etc.

Computer Support Specialists, Proofreader, Receptionists, Couriers, Telemarketing, Market Research Analysts, etc.

AI involves the engineering of making software machines able to perform human handled tasks by perceiving their environment, such as speech recognition, decision making and language translators, etc. There will always be a great demand for it in the current generation to enhance the present tech and innovate something new every moment to ease our everyday activities.

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