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Election Management Software Development Company

Techasoft builds Election Management Software that has MVI programs and provides Bulk SMS options, Political Consulting, Social media campaign, various Political Survey, multiple Opinion Poll options, Exit Poll, Constituency Profiling, Election Management and several Political Campaigning for Political Parties. We further provide Voter software which contains all elaborate level details of the study in one place. Elections are made easy with technology from Techasoft. We have a discrete client base consisting of Political parties as well as individual MP's, MLA's and political aspirants.


  • We provide Cloud base Solution for Real-Time Integration
  • We build application that helps to Monitor Each Booth
  • You can access all the data, which will be available 24X7 and can be accessed from anywhere by using the Internet.
  • We also build Mobile App for Booth Manager, hence no extra Hardware Cost
  • We provide Mobile App is easy to use so any person with knowledge of WhatsApp or Facebook can handle it very easily
  • Our Election Management Software will cover a complete booth level access control so only Authorised person can see or edit their Booth Data
  • We express a concept of Booth Incharge and Line Incharge that can be collected, saved and searched later on when needed. 
  • Our Election Management System Portal User can also handle every voter by identifying and entering info such as Voter's Caste, Social Status such as Doctors, Engineers, etc.
  • With Tecahsoft's Election Management Software your data is 100% safe and secure as no one can copy it by simple copy and paste operation.

Techasoft is the best Election Management Software Company in Bangalore which delivers an efficient election management software system. As one of the best Election Management Companies in Bangalore, we provide a secure web-based software system with the latest technology. We are expertise in developing election management software. Our election software is enhanced and better in each corporation and state election. We build the election software system that is a secure internet-primarily based code with the most advanced technology. Experts and election software developers at Techasoft are continually in the research of the latest concepts and updates concerning software and as we got a plan of the red-green voter in the state assembly election, we instantly introduce it in our software.

✔ Get Bulk SMS Solution

Techasoft provides the purported firm to attribute cost-effective and low-cost SMS services. It is capable of fast and smooth communication. There are various limitless bulk SMS Software's options out there in the market, but before buying any such SMS software system and missing the fringe of revolution, try and contact the software consultants and specialists at Techasoft so that you will not regret after buying that kind of service.

✔ Easily Do Social Media Campaign

We build Election software system that caters the leading political and social analysis unit since a few years Indian social researchers are working on analyzing this campaign for election purpose. Election software systems are a substance to preserve all social and political information autonomously. Our Election software system is compatible with the social media campaign because it is the best means for promotional activity.

✔ Get The Ease Analytics Of Pre-Poll Survey

Our Election software system supports all kinds of survey modes in different languages for all varieties of sectors. We have software developers whose expertise in meeting the necessity of the purchasers in getting updates from their online surveys. Our Election Management System Portal gives you the access to produce and manage interactive and fascinating online surveys. When it comes to statistics, image analysis and reporting suite allow you to carry out information that matters. Along with these, you get exclusive personalized services of the survey also.


The Techasoft software handles your voters and voter files that permit you to concentrate on particular choice blocks, sends SMS and tracks all of your bulk emails, and makes campaign finance reporting a hit. We build the election management software system that has a smart look and also has options to execute in numerous important situations of the election. The software is developed relating to all the important and major aspects of the election system. The Election Management Software allows politicians to access the native, national and international politics by providing them with a wide range of political data. Enhance intellectual capacity and reflection to the general public.


How long does it take to implement the Election Management Software at my election office?

First implementation of your Election Management System Portal can take as little as 1-2 days, based on your team’s schedule, availability and size and complexity. It also depends on the complexities of modules and systems, it may take some time to properly map out and get the full capabilities of the software.

What steps are involved in the implementation process?

Techasoft is a leading Election Management Software Company in Bangalore, its service and support team provides a thorough project plan for the implementation of our Election Management System Portal in your elections office. Our verified methodology commences with a primary consultation to field and set expectations for the project. Techasoft team gives a detailed project plan and sets meetings as required to coordinate key aspects of the plan, including technical installation, configuring your implementation of the software, and detailed training for your team and key stakeholders.

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