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PHP Developer Career

To start with, PHP developers are a specific class of software engineer who creates websites, applications and programs majorly using PHP. PHP developers are the people who work for software companies or own projects for various agencies, web design firms, technology companies and various other kinds of businesses. Roles of PHP developers include object-oriented programming, modular programming, application design, implementation, troubleshooting and web application development

Education and Job skills Requirements:

  • Education: Bachelor's degree in computer science preferred or a graduate with a good hold on PHP and other basic programming languages.
  • Job Skills: Logic, interpersonal skills, analysis, teamwork

PHP Developer Work From Home Required Education

Most professions in PHP development need a bachelor's degree, although it may be probable to get a job with the right blend of education and experience. The most common four-year degree for those trying a career in PHP development is computer science or a closely related field, such as other engineering course or BCA, MCA, BSC in computer science or web programming. Regular courses in a bachelor's degree program that would help ready you for a career as a PHP developer should include data structures and algorithms, quantitative reasoning, web programming, computing architecture, object-oriented development and operating systems.

PHP Home-based work Skill Requirements

To work as a PHP developer, you will require a very good hold on math, logic and analytical skills. Strong interpersonal and teamwork skills are also very important because PHP development work often takes place in a team environment.

Full-Time PHP Job from home - Employment and Economic Outlook

The general employment outlook for software engineering, which includes PHP development, is great. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics projects employment of software developers will rise by 24% from 2016-2026. A research Information from reveals that PHP developers got a median salary of $62,831 as of April 2019.

Alternative Careers for PHP developers

Consider these options for careers in software and programming:

  • Computer Programmer
  • Web Developer


Work from home jobs in India are on-trend right now. Here are some six other essential skills you need to succeed as a good PHP developer:
1. HTML, CSS and JavaScript:

Just knowing how to write PHP code isn't enough these days. If you want to start your career in PHP or start a PHP business, you should have also got to know how to properly code websites using HTML and CSS as well. Possibilities are likely that in your projects you will have to fix errors that designers make some times, so you will need to know how to fix that and how to ace it well. If you don’t know these other software languages along with PHP, you are going to be outbid for many jobs by jobbers who are much more well-versed in the web development industry than you already are.

2. Knowing What you don't know is very important:

Knowing and making sure what you can do as much as possible towards developing websites, is equally important as knowing what you don’t know. This is a skill that new PHP developers tend to forget when starting out in a market where it is hard to find entry-level PHP development jobs. You have got to understand how to read prospectus requests and how to put in proposals on jobs that you can do effectively. Or else, you will end up over-committing yourself and damaging your reputation in the long run.

3. Business Communication:

As a freelance or PHP Developer Work From Home or a contract PHP developer, you will be the one interacting with all your clients. Learn how to use a phone to ensure that SMS, email messages are received, and learn how to communicate like a professional PHP developer. Lots of techies have difficulty with basic business communication. If you are facing the same problem, learn and practice the required skills by taking a class on business communication, or talk to a professional in your field about how you can improve these skills on platforms like LinkedIn.

4. Project Management:

As an independent Work From Home PHP programmer, you won’t have anyone over your shoulder asking you to get a project done by a specific deadline. You will also most likely be balancing different projects and multiple clients at any given time, so make sure you know how to maintain your own time, write proposals and manage the scope of your projects so that you can commit and deliver and develop a great reputation for yourself.

5. Networking:

Networking is very important for any Work from home jobs in India and with other freelance PHP designers and web development freelancers in other niches can really help you find more jobs and get referrals. Utilize big platforms such as Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn to network with other developers in the respective field, as well as with clients you work for or have worked for in the past. Networking skills can indeed be meriting and helpful in a competitive job market.

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Php Developer

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