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Now get affordable, supreme quality guest posting packages, pricing and plans for small scale business, individuals, medium businesses, big companies and even startups. We, at Techasoft, offer awesome editorial in-content white hat backlinks with our fantastic guest blogger outreach services in our Guest Posting Packages.

Techasoft is a top Tech Guest Posting Company and its Guest Posting Services are one of the most natural ways to get high quality and yet, organic, white-hat backlinks to your website and boost your website's keywords rankings and enhance organic traffic to your site.

What is guest posting service?

Guest blog posts have become quite a craze trend in current times and it is a simple way of posting an article on a more popular website with the main target of establishing your site domain authority and enhancing organic traffic. It also has another benefit, and that is of growing your readership and given that the Guest blog posts are done in the same field, it is an effective technique of reaching out to a wider audience. Keeping this in mind, it is extremely important for us as guest bloggers to check the websites that can garner those kind of audience.

We, at Techasoft, do manual outreach to high quality bloggers sites that will be quite relevant to your business niche and secure the place of a guest posting link on the website with links that back to your particular website and that builds natural backlinks as per the guidelines of the Google and link schemes.

Tech guest post

Guest Post 1
DA/PA 30+
Contextual Do follow Link 2
100% Real Sites Yes
Guaranteed SERP Improve Yes
Niche Relevant Blogs Yes
Google Indexed Yes
High Quality Image 1
Words Content 800+

Features of our guest posting services

One-off Post

The one-off post is basically a deal struck for one article and in this, the word limit is not really set, neither is the fee. The primary goal of this particular package is to build trust with our clients and so, this package includes only one Guest post published on a bright site. It could be a website ranking of 10+ or more in the Domain Authority, depending on the clients’ business needs and requirements.

Package Deals

As the name itself gives hint, Package deals are basically for a bunch of Guest posts over a specified period of time. These could be in any number and are generally opted for by our old clients who have been associated with us for quite some time now and know our work well. These kinds of guest post packages are really super convenient and save a lot of energy, effort and of course, time.

What to look for while buying blog guest post

Guest posts are an outstanding way to bring your blog some recognition on the net and it is an opportunity that is no less, for the bloggers as well. When you are like zero in on the kind of guest blog post required, you need to consider the following points that we have mentioned below:

Websites in use

When you are opting to choose a service provider, it is very imperative to comprehend and know what the guest post price entails and a lot of such service providers use fake and dummy websites in their low cost version of such packages. Hence, make sure that the post is happening on the real websites, with actual and relevant links and that it is not a fake one and completely authentic. We, at Techasoft, use real websites, which are manually searched for by our experts in the team and they are then contacted by our team to reserve slots for posting.

Quality Content

The quality of the content of the blog written is the one of the most significant factors in deciding and the well-researched and structured article with relevant backlinks are really going to help you be heard to a more number of people and taken seriously by a greater audience. Guest post is undeniably an outstanding means of influencing the audience and this should be treated with utmost caution. Our team of content writers at Techasoft, makes sure that the quality is always superior because a poorly written article doesn’t serve any purpose to the readers and does not keep them engage as well.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

The articles that are posted by our SEO Expert Team should be search engine optimized and this is very important because the SEO strategies will let your article rank higher in the Google and other search engines. It is also very important to keep the keyword usage as regulated as possible so as to reach the correct interested audience. A little overboard and the entire article is termed as SPAM so this has to be kept in mind before deciding anything.

Why Choose Techasoft?

We at Techasoft, believe that any service provided to our clients be it domestic clients or international clients, it should be within the reach for maximum benefits for both the parties. Hence, our affordable and pocket-friendly Guest posting services are aimed at rendering as much benefits to our clients as it is possible for us. Techasoft is known as a top Guest Posting Company yet we charge a very nominal fee for various kinds of guest posts that are required by our clients. There are also a myriad of options of how many posts the clients want that can be customized and there are also businesses and premium price Guest posting packages, keeping in our mind the various sets of clients that we have with us.

We at Techasoft, have always believed in the concept of Clients Requirements First and there is literally no better feeling than a happy client who refers you to a friend or acquaintance for a new jobs and this is the biggest takeaway that we look for in every assignment that we receive.