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Online Travel Management and Booking Software Development Company

We at Techasoft understand the challenges and complications faced by service providers in the travel industry on the everyday bias, which is why Techasoft serves as a Travel Agency Software Development Company in Bangalore. We deliver a comprehensive Online Travel Management Software which is user-friendly, feature-enriched and flexible. 

Techasoft builds Travel Booking Software that helps travel specialists including tour operators, destination management companies and travel agencies to interact efficiently to their clients’ requisites.

Techasoft's Online Travel Management Software Development is affordable and can be customized according to your needs. We develop an all-inclusive, professional travel software solution unified with online booking technology. We also focus on delivering end-to-end solutions for travel reservations, services, hotel reservations, back-office, and distribution systems. Our Online Travel Management Software Development team creates Online Travel Management and Booking Software that is incorporated with highly advanced intelligence tools. Our Travel Agency Software Development Company in Bangalore will help you to gain a better understanding of your clients’ needs through software, this analysis will help you to plan and conceptualize promotional campaigns according to your companies requirements.


Techasoft crafts software tools that will strengthen and boost your organization's growth. Travel CRM Software Development in Techasoft is done by our team of experts with years of experience and great knowledge who have worked and successfully produced various CRM development tools. Techasoft's Travel CRM Software Development can help your organization to Boost sales quantity, Efficiently integrate the system with third-party software, Effortlessly incorporate new modules, Customize content, Streamline processes, Easily add new products and services. Our online travel booking system provides best online travel booking engine with B2B and B2C travel solution, we provide features such as:

  • Reservation Management
  • Travel Agent Management 
  • Transactional Accounting
  • Accounting System Integration
  • Payment Gateway Integration
  • Add direct contracts
  • Multilingual travel websites
  • Add offline travel bookings
  • Distribute white labels
  • Manage multiple branches

And much more. Techasoft is one of the leading Travel Agency Software Development Company in Bangalore that develops Travel Booking Software which includes Business intelligence reports, Multiple Point of Sales, Travel Booking Software that has the ability to handle multiple services, integrated Google Map, and so much more.

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As mentioned earlier Techasoft produces an all-inclusive travel management application, that will be built on most advanced and scalable technology. We develop user-friendly and flexible - easy to use the software. Our Travel Agency Software Development Company in Bangalore designs customizable software tools according to clients specifications and their user needs. We also incorporate efficient client management which features the complete details of clients’ queries.

As an Online Travel Management Software Development company Techasoft develops a comprehensive and powerful tool that you can use to make a difference in your presence in the Travel industry. Techasoft's range of Travel software and solutions are ideal for the growing needs of travel companies irrespective of their sizes, resorts, travel agencies, travel advisors and tour operators. We create the best travel software tools and solution solutions for your requirements at reasonable pricing and exceed your expectations. With a highly sophisticated documentation system with automated billing, receipts and vouchers. We help to establish your brand loyalty and improve ROI. We provide dedicated customer support from experts along with CRM and CMS integration. Our team produces Mobile friendly Travel Booking software which has fast and simple search listing, inbuilt maps and comprehensive reporting.

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Techasoft innovates the latest Mobile and Web travel software solutions that allow Travel agencies to interact with their clients throughout their journey. Techasoft will be one-stop for travel technology solutions for the travel industry and we have developed a custom made CRM solution for the needs of the travel industry. We create travel CRM software that caters powerful travel campaign management to support the process of email marketing in a convenient and faster way. We provide a portfolio of highly customizable CRM solutions to boost your sales potential along with streamlining sales processes.

Our Travel CRM Tool can benefit your travel agency by:

  • Amplifying Sales
  • Delight Customers
  • Mobile-friendly applications
  • Attracts new customers
  • More engaging activities are involved

Techasoft's Travel CRM tools are fully customizable, give high performance and are easier to use. We also work on features such as SMS options, Passenger account management, Email marketing, central access to all the Customer data. We also provide simple integration with existing IT environments and automated enquiry management, comprehensive reporting and statistics along with brochure management too.

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