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About Alumni Platform

TECHASOFT delivers the complete solution software for the management of alumni. We also offer a common interactive platform to combine Alumni, Students and Faculty for the growth of everyone. Our solution fits perfectly with your needs and requirements.

Benefits of the alumni software platform include easy access to latest news; regular job posting, events, and more.


  • News Feed
  • Placements
  • Jobs
  • Alumni Connectivity
  • Mentorship
  • Events

News Feed

To help students, alumni, faculty to stay up to date with the news, events and also to add post which will be usefull to all.

News Feed
Parent portal


To help Students with placements we provide placement information like location, date-time, description and more.


Upcoming events of the college, and a search field.

Parent portal

What The Project Means For us

This project provides you with features like the events, news feed, directory, placements, mentorship and various other details. Now there are approx. 3000 students in every institution. So to tackle details of so many students it becomes a Hercules task. Thereby to reduce the pressure of the placement coordinator this app helps you maintain separate profile for each and every student.

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PO has been designed to keep the records stocks and purchases.

Human Resource Management System software.