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We are living in the digital era of this century, it is necessary to get a digital website and marketing of your Business/Organization to stay ahead in competition of ever-growing digital world.

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WELCOME to Techasoft

Techasoft is a Leading fitness website design and development company that is capable of designing and developing top Fitness website. One of the best things that we can say about our company is that we are having clients all over India and most of our customers are repeated customers that are satisfied and who enjoy our high standards of myriad of services. It is very Important in today's time to have a best and attractive Fitness Website Design to lead as a successful business and stay ahead of competitors. Most of them are not really realizing the importance of having a fitness website in order to make business growth rapidly, but it is quite essential.

We are the top fitness website design and development company in Bangalore India with highly skilled software professionals who are capable to work under any situation and strict deadlines. We are into this service in and out, we are very concerned about the practice of delivering our work to our customers with proper attention to details and preferences. The management team of Techasoft is very always focused on recruiting the fitness website design and development team.

Website Development Services

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Be it a small or big business organization, every business needs to have a corporate website in this digital ecosystem. We at Techasoft render the best corporate website development services.



Techasoft is the eCommerce Website Design Agency You Need to Succeed. We use the latest technology to maximize profitability with standard services.



We at Techasoft are the top Fitness Web Development Company as we work on the power of open source like Java, PHP and other technologies to build robust and dynamic website application.



We at Techasoft use the right online branding strategies and modern digital marketing trends according to client's requirement and emphasis on driving more traffic and higher conversion rate.



With the help of right Search Engine optimization strategies experts at Techasoft work on organic visibility which has a major positive impact on your business.



We have in house experts at Techasoft, that work with the aid of Adobe Illustrator and Adobe InDesign to create the Best logo and Graphics as per the client's requirement.

We Work Precisely On Every Step




Our consultant will have a detailed understanding about your Business after having a Face to Face Meeting / Skype Call. We will also understand your website design requirements clearly before proceeding.


Based on the discussion you had with our consultant, our designers will provide you with the list of generic designs to understand more about your website requirement. This will help us to understand effectively.






Upon confirmation of the sample designs that we have shared by our designers as well as the additional ideas & contents provided by the client, we will start working on the complete website development.


We will deliver the site as promised by our consultant in a much effective way as per our promised deadline. We will make any necessary changes (if required) and deliver the complete website to you.


Why you should choose Techasoft as your Fitness Website Design and Development Company?

  • Very reasonable cost for website development
  • Written Contract with hassle free process
  • No hidden cost, No unwanted charges
  • Latest technology used for website development
  • Search Engine friendly website
  • Smartphone, Tab friendly fully responsive website
  • Provide best security features on website
  • Technical Support
  • Technical team always available on any working days

Explore Our Web Design & Development Projects

Website Development Gives Opportunity to Grow Your Business

In this era of the internet and social media, having a professionally designed website is now very important than ever before. Without a solid web presence of your company, potential customers may write your business off without even giving it an opportunity. That is why you need to hire an expert company to get the job done creatively. Our team at Techasoft specialises in building gym websites and e-commerce shops, crossfit website design and development and fitness web design as well. So work with an expert who knows your industry from the inside out.

Save the sweating for the gym and tap into our quality services to help with your fitness website. We are a top Gym Website Design and Development Company and our team can help bring existing health and fitness websites up to date or even start something new with a custom fitness website design customised to your business needs. We will work very hard to generate a navigable and functional website that speaks volumes to who you are as a business and help you to grow and succeed excellently. When you work with us, you will obtain a fitness content that not only generates leads but establishes your credibility, and helps you easily sell your company's products and services.

Top Fitness Website Design And Development Company

When it comes to gym website design and fitness marketing, we are top experts. You want your customers to be excited and overwhelmed about being a member at your gym, and that all begins when they first land on to your website. In health and fitness sector, websites are very crucial for gaining new customers. Having a website helps you to communicate your expertise well, maximize your marketing reach, as well as create a personal connection. We are one of the top Gym Website Design and Development Company and the leading sports marketing agency specializing in fitness website design and development.

  • Brand Development: One thing that all the successful fitness businesses have in common is a clear and concise brand message to the public. Work with our team to develop a brand that quickly impresses your customers and has them lining up at your door for your services.
  • Apparel Design -Diversify your revenue streams by easily selling your own branded merchandise and we design sports apparel to boost your e-commerce efforts and visibility. Hire us to set up a personalized, ecommerce fitness store online so your visitors can directly sign up for a membership and purchase your fitness apparel online.
  • Fitness Website Design & Crossfit Website Design -We build and develop gym websites and crossfit websites that produce quality results. Using the right color scheme, designs, layout, and even content and images, can make a world of difference in how exactly your brand is interpreted. Our design team at Techasoft are experts in creating health and fitness websites that are stunning and can create the perfect solution for your business requirements.
  • SEO & PPC -Don’t get stuck at the bottom of search pages because then no matter how good your services are, it won't be visible. Stay part of the action and let our team design as well as manage your online campaign effectively. We will implement an aggressive SEO and PPC strategy that enhances your search engine rankings on Google and brings in huge traffic to your website.

Solutions We Offer For Fitness Website

  • Automated signup process:- As the paper application processes suffer from many and various issues, our expert team designs the friction less and a dynamic signup mechanism for the fitness professionals that has all the fields required. Sign up page is been created to showcase the user-friendliness of your page. Standard validations are also implemented against an unauthorized access.
  • Member management:- With the facility of member management, all the detailed records of the members with their memberships, classes, as well as trainers are kept. The user interface is designed with utmost simplicity and with standard tools and technologies. Member expiration alert functionality is also present there who is no more a member of your gym.
  • Class check-in functionality:- This feature is very useful for the people as the check-in timings can be very easily tracked within seconds and known by the application. Also, this function will help to save time to a very large extent and it adds more punctuality in the minds of your people.
  • Integrated & secure payment:- Simplified and most secured payment transaction can be easily done using this very functionality that will be installed by our team. Payment information will be kept secure and confidential of the customers or clients. The service also saves a lot of time, efforts and reduce headaches regarding payments.
  • Billing & invoicing:- The billing and the invoicing feature are automated to offer convenience and reliability to the fitness professionals who visit. This automated billing and invoicing feature literally reduces operational costs to a great extent. Also the automation of the invoice and billing lowers error rates which can other wise be done by manual distractions.

There are many more features such as social media integration, schedule and calendar update, etc. that we offer in the solution. It can all be customised according to your requirements and preferences.