10 Best Free And Open Source Digital Signature Software

10 Best Free And Open Source Digital Signature Software

Documentation is the key to every sector. Have you ever wondered how much does this paperwork costs companies to spend? There are a lot of disadvantages to the manual documentation process. Hence, the only solution is a digital documentation process. Nowadays, companies are adopting digital documentation. To provide authenticity and security to digital documents, companies have to go for Digital signatures. In this article, we will see in detail about digital signature software.

What Is Digital Signature Software

A Digital Signature is a platform that allows the user to digitally sign a document using the Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) mechanism, which is verifiable by a Certificate Authority. It also performs other functions such as tracking the signed documents, checking and validating the authenticity of the signed documents.

How Does Digital Signature Software Works

Digital signatures are more like electronic fingerprints. Digital signatures use a standard called Public Key Infrastructure(PKI) to offer the highest level of security acceptance.

Sign Request

SignRequest is an affordable signature software with more than 300,000 satisfied users. It is an open-source and free platform. Using this software, you can send and sign your contract within seconds, without the hassle of having to sign, print, and scan. It is a legally binding and affordable e-signature that is used in over 26 countries in the world. This software facilitates easy signature sending to others.


Eversign is the digital signature platform that helps both small and large businesses make the digital leap. It is a big deal for companies to manage and process highly sensitive data such as business and contracts. It charges nothing for getting your digital signature. This software can help in bringing flexible workflows and it also increases time efficiency for large MNCs and small-sized companies.

I-Safe PDF

I-Safe PDF is a free and open-source digital signature software that is licensed under the GPLv3 GNU (General Public License). It has an advanced set of features such as time-stamped signature, PDF encryption in password format, loading certificates from a local user store, and more. It digitizes the signing process and facilitates a seamless workflow process. This software lets you create and send legally binding signed documents.


DocuSign is an open-source digital signature software. It is used to sign documents online. It is the most secure platform for storing, sending, and tracking documents. It boosts your productivity and increases workflow efficiently. It also saves you a lot of time and decreases your paperwork. With the help of this software, your brand can integrate with 350+pre-built integrations such as Oracle, SAP, and Google.

Sign on Doc

The optimization of the business documentation process is the main goal of digital signature software. This software provides a lot of templates in agreement format, forms, affidavit, etc. it has a vault to keep your documents safe and secure. It has advanced features such as sign PDF files, upload signatures, fast processing speed, import files from Dropbox, convert DOCX to PDF, and email notifications.

Dotted Sign

Dotted Sign is an open-source digital signature platform that allows users to sign remotely on any device via the secure load. It centralizes all signing tasks and increases the workflow efficiently. With this software, you can make the digital signature process authentic, free from flaws, and offers data integrity. It has top features including priority customer support, unlimited signing tasks, Mobile app secure passcode, Access to mobile devices, and web.


It is an open-source digital signature software that allows users to sign, send, and authenticate digital documents. Using this software, you can easily integrate with other accounts like Dropbox, G-Drive to offer a digital signatory experience to its users. It has functionality like drag & drop signature, can be sent to multiple users with a signed request, and you can easily import documents to DocHub from the mailbox.


E-Signly is an open-source digital signature software that allows users to sign, send, and authenticate signatures. You can store your data in Amazon Cloud. It provides various options: in-person-signing, self-signing, and scheduled-signing. It has built-in pre-defined templates available for signing. It supports more than 17 types of file formats, SSL encryption, and it offers integration with various external application-Box, Evernote, etc.

Xolido Sign

Xolido Sign is an open-source software used for time-stamping, signing, and verifying documents. It is used in over 130 countries. The newer version is available for download and installation. It works finely with various file formats such as text files, JPEG, PDF, Word, and Excel. Using this software, you can keep the records of all the documents in the sign process-receipts, notifications, and contracts. It verifies its signature through a smart verification feature.

Contract Book

It is an open-source free digital signature software that keeps the electronic records of all contracts in an encrypted form. It uses cloud-based services to store all users' information. It also facilitates the easy sending of signed contracts. It has two-factor authentication and offers multiple signatures on a single document. It has an advanced feature of sending reminders to sign a document.


In day to day life, people have to sign numerous documents for getting admissions, job documents, public utilities, property, and bank accounts. You can use free and open-source digital signature software to smooth your signing process. It also saves you time and money by digitizing a manual process. Businesses can use any of the digital signature software mentioned in this article.

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