10 Best WordPress Caching Plugins To Speed Up Your Website

10 Best WordPress Caching Plugins To Speed Up Your Website

If you are looking forward to acquiring caching plugins for your WordPress website to speed up, then you are at the right place. In this article, you will find 10 very powerful plugins for your WordPress website that will help your WordPress website load faster.

These are the most powerful WordPress plugins – 

1) WP Rocket

This is one of the comprehensive WordPress performance plugins. You can get all the functionality related to caching along with several features that you do not expect. It has features including image lazy loading, database Optimization, and also the ability to host Google Analytics code on your website. It can also delay a JavaScript execution time. All of these have a huge impact on the loading time of your website. If you want a speed Optimization plugin you can have this.

Advantages of using WP rocket – 

βœ” User-friendly interface

βœ” Less tweaking for speed improvements

βœ” Reduce CSS, HTML and JavaScript

βœ” Page caching

βœ” Cache pre-load

βœ” Image lazy loading

βœ” Advanced caching rules

βœ” Database optimization

βœ” CDN integration

βœ” Cloud flare integration

βœ” Google Analytics integration to load the code from your server

βœ” Settings import and export

βœ” Version rollback

βœ” Delay JavaScript execution time

Price: From $49.

2) Perfmatters

This takes a different approach to improve the page loading time. WordPress has different options enabled that are not necessary for all the sites and slow down the performance of your website. You can disable all these options with the help of this plugin in just a few clicks. It also helps you in disabling scripts on a purpose basis this means you can stop plugins from loading code where it is not necessary. 

Advantages of using Perfmatters

βœ” Compatible with your existing caching plugin

βœ” Switch off WordPress options that are slowing your site down

βœ” Disables scripts on per page/post basis

βœ” Works with advanced performance-boosting functionality like DNS, prefetch, and preconnect

βœ” REST API control

βœ” Heartbeat control

βœ” Lightweight plugin

Price: Starts from $24.95/year.

3) NitroPack

This is more than just a WordPress performance plugin it is a complete Speed Optimization program that you can use for your website will stop the goal of this platform is to minimize and simplify the process of speeding of  WordPress website and instead of using several plugins you can use this plugin and optimize everything on your website. This plugin can start optimize your site automatically as it can implement a global CDN and various caching types, compressions, image Optimization, server images in NextGen formats, and others. 

Advantages of using NitroPack

βœ” Automatic website optimization

βœ” Compatible with WordPress and other content management systems

βœ” Global CDN automatically configured

βœ” Several caching types (page, browser, and more)

βœ” Automatic image optimization

βœ” Can convert  images to next-gen formats

βœ” DNS prefetching

βœ” Defer JS loading

βœ” HTML, JS and CSS minification

βœ” HTML, CSS and JS compression

Price: there is a free plan for small websites and testing purposes but if you want a better version then you will need to pay for that. 

4) WP Fastest Cache

This is a performance based plugin that focuses on the cache. This plugin comes with many features and balance that is very easy to use. Some plugins are very basic and some are very advanced however the developer of this plugin has put the difficulty of understanding this plugin on the intermediate ground. You can just install and activate this plugin and go through settings.

Advantages of using WP Fastest Cache

βœ” Easy setup

βœ” Single-click to clear the cache. 

βœ” Reduces load of CSS and HTML

βœ” Set posts and pages to exclude (some like admin area excluded by default)

βœ” Set expiration times for all posts and pages or certain URL strings of your WordPress website. 

βœ” CDN integration

βœ” Premium version available with extra features

Price: Free.

5) Cache Enabler

This is a great plugin and it was developed by the team of KEY CDN. It is a lightweight plugin that you can set up in just a few minutes. It has an option to set the expiry time, minification setup, and other options. It has some fewer features than others but it is the point of having a plugin to have simpler ways to execute one or two functionalities.

Advantages of using Cache Enable

βœ” Very easy setup

βœ” Single-click to clear cache

βœ” Set cache behavior (like clearing after new posts)

βœ” Minification feature

βœ” Set post ID if you want to exclude from cache

βœ” Set expiration times

Price: Free.

6) WP Super Cache

This is one of the most popular plugins available for WordPress. It is very easy to set up but it also offers some advanced settings for experienced users that can utilize more functionality from this plugin. 

Advantages of using WP Super Cache

βœ” Compatible with multiple caching types (Mod_Rewrite, PHP, and Legacy)

βœ” Serve static, HTML files

βœ” Cache preload

βœ” CDN support

Price: Free.

7) W3 Total Cache

This is a very popular speed-enhancing plugin and it is just not a simple caching plugin. Some several options and methods are supported. There is also support for advanced cloud fair and other CDN services.

Advantages of using W3 Total Cache

βœ” CDN Support

βœ” Browser caching

βœ” Database caching

βœ” Object caching

βœ” Minifying

βœ” And many more! 

Price: Free.

8) WP Super Minify

This plugin focuses on combining JavaScript, HTML, and CSS files. This is done to compress and served visitors in a way that reduces website loading time. You will need to be very careful when setting up this plugin as some themes and plugins can conflict with the functionality of this plugin. 

Advantages of using WP Super Minify 

βœ” Minifies JavaScript, CSS and HTML

βœ” It has several options to disable compression of CSS/JavaScript

βœ” Extremely straightforward and easy to use.

Price: Free.

9) WP Smush. it

This is based on Yahoo services that were used to optimize images and remove unnecessary bytes from image files stop most of the tools used formats that degrade the quality of the image however it is not the case with this plugin it uses a lossless format that ensures that you do not lose any quality or if there is a loss of quality then you will not be able to notice it. This plugin can be a bit buggy but it is good and you can also use other plugins with this to ensure better performance. 

Advantages of using WP

βœ” Strips un-used color from images

βœ” Strips metadata from JPEG’s 

βœ” Optimizing JPEG compression

βœ” Integrates with the API

βœ” Choose to run existing images through the plugin

Price: Free.

10) LazyLoad by WP Rocket

Generally, when a visitor visits your website and tries to load a page the complete site is loaded in one go. If your website pages are very long with many images, then this can increase your loading time to be very irritating for your visitors. 

In reality, nobody needs to load the entire page in one go especially the images that can take a lot of time in loading. The idea of Lazy loading is that only specific elements of your website will be loaded and others will be loaded when they are needed.

Advantages of using LazyLoad by WP Rocket 

βœ” It can easily replace post images, post thumbnails, etc.

βœ” There is no use of jQuery or JavaScript so it’s ultra-lightweight. 

βœ” YouTube iFrames can be simply replaced with preview thumbnails. 

Price: Free.

Wrapping Up

These are some of the best WordPress plugins that you can use if you are facing issues to speed up your WordPress installation and increase traffic on your website. It is very important to know what the necessary plugins that you want to install are. Even a single one of these plugins will help you to minimize your web page loading time greatly and you only need to install what is needed on your website you should always remember that less is more. There are also other ways to speed up your website but some of these great plugins are ideal for starting the process of speeding up your WordPress website

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