10 Free Keyword Research Tools To Help Plan Your New Site

10 Free Keyword Research Tools To Help Plan Your New Site


Are your planning to start a new website for your business? Are you on a look out for keywords to help you with its content?  Are you lacking in funds to buy paid tools? If your answer is yes, feel good, you have entered the right page. 

Today, I bring for you my top 10 free keyword research tools in no particular order –

  1. Google Trends: This is a Keyword finder tool that not just helps you in finding relevant keywords for your specific keyword search; it also lets you in on the trend of those keywords. Thus, you can use Google Trends to know which keyword is currently trending to make your choice easier. Also, it provides regional variations of the keywords i.e. it’ll let you know which keywords are of interest in which region too.
  2. Google Keyword Planner: This is a keyword planner tool which is free, but requires you to have an account of AdWords, only then you can access it. This tool doesn’t just suggest you keywords but rather presents you with related statistics like what is the level of competition, what is the average CPC (cost per click), what is the monthly search for that specific keyword. It also gives suggestions of various variations as well as synonyms for the keyword.
  3. Whenever you as a Google user type to search for something, Google Autocomplete suggests to you a number of relevant long-tail keywords for the topic. Its main purpose is to help users and increase the speed for them. These suggested search terms are determined by various factors. The keyword tool makes use of Google Autocomplete to suggest for you long-tail keywords. The best feature of this keyword analyzer tool is that it suggests keywords if you feed to it a site of your competitor. Thus, it helps in analyzing your competitors to. Also, it gives a vast number of relevant keyword suggestions. However, there is no need to fret over the sheer number and get confuse, you can expand or filter down the results and thus find the keywords which are right for you. Also 
  4. Ahrefs Keywords Explorer: Ahref’s gives detailed information about each and every keyword. It lets you know how many users are clicking on a result within the search engine. It also lets you known the number of backlinks required so as to make your page land on Google’s first page. This is one keyword planner which is for free and can help you plan on how to reach the top of SERPs.
  5. Soolve: Soolve is the keyword planner tool that offers to you the most searched keywords which you can explore. The catch here is that it not only brings to you the highest searched keywords from Google, but also from other search engines like yahoo, bing, Wikipedia, youtube, eBay, Amazon, etc. Also, this tool is great for brainstorming as it auto-generates it own ideas so that as you type ideas, there are some rather great auto-generate suggestions. Thus, it also brings to you suggestions of keywords suggested by YouToube Autocomplete and Amaon Autocomplete. It also helps you understand the keywords which are working for your competitors on YouTube, and thus you can make use of them too.
  6. Ubersuggest: As the name suggests, these tools have too much and too quick to suggest. As soon as you enter a single keyword, it gives you large variations of that keyword – all in alphabetized order and numerical order. 
  7. Google Search Console: The Google Search Console is a free keyword planner tool. It has a Performance Report which lets you know which pages on your website get the maximum clicks on Google. With the help of this report, you can deduce which specific keyword gets you a higher rank.  
  8. Questiondb: The name says it all. Questiondb is a keyword analyzer tool which gives you questions related to keywords you search. These questions are derived from various threads on Reddit. Million users come to Reddit for discussions and finding answers. Thus keywords suggestions by Questiondb will help you understand the questions for which the users are seeking answers. Also, this tool presents the results to you in the order of popularity. Thus, you can decide which answers you need to answer first.
  9. Answer the Public: This Keyword finder tool is somewhat similar to Questiondb and provides you with various questions related to the keyword you enter. However, it doesn't stop at that. It also gives you suggestions of prepositions related to your input keyword followed by Google Autocomplete suggestion.
  10. Bulk Keyword Generator: This is one of free keyword research tools which helps you generate keywords related to an industry. You can then attach that specific industry to a specific location and viola, you have your keyword suggestions. For example, if you are a business providing house cleaning services located within New Jersey, and are to start your website, this tool can help generate keywords for you. This tool is helpful for local SEO.

I know that I promised you with 10 tools, but hey, I am adding one more which is actually much obvious and can be easily overlooked.

  • Google: Google has an autocomplete feature. If you type a keyword, it immediately comes up with further suggestions. This itself provides you with numerous suggestions of keywords. Also, there is a feature ‘People also search for’ which appears when you search on google. This feature also gives further suggestions for keywords. 

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