10 Reasons Your Marketing Strategy Must Include WhatsApp

10 Reasons Your Marketing Strategy Must Include WhatsApp

It doesn't make any difference in the event that you run a little nearby store or an undeniable worldwide business, you need to have web-based media showcasing as an essential part of your corporate marketing plan as it has various advantages. Additionally, WhatsApp marketing tips impact stunningly as it can permit you to meet an assortment of individuals and assist you with growing your reliable clients. 

Here are ten reasons why you should take your marketing procedures onto WhatsApp –

10 Reasons your Marketing Strategy must include WhatsApp

1. People prefer using chat over phone calls

Connecting with your crowd on their preferred channel is indispensable in any WhatsApp marketing tools. As indicated by Business2Community, a larger number of individuals utilize their cell phone for messaging than they do for calls and over 90% of American youngsters are utilizing messaging or SMS services.

Ideally utilizing chat is significant to speaking with your intended interest groups. Having a brand account on WhatsApp can guarantee you are available consistently to clients and they can connect whenever the timing is ideal.

2. WhatsApp is a widely-used messaging platform

As per the WhatsApp blog, the platform associates more than two billion users all throughout the world, making it the most well-known messaging application today. As of July 2019, MessengerPeople affirmed that WhatsApp has 1600 million active users every month. With an enormous crowd base to take into account, you can use the correct method to draw in 1:1 with your intended target group.

3. Customer service for improved customer experience

Counting client support in your WhatsApp marketing tools can help make uncommon customer experiences. You can utilize chat to determine client questions, updates about product and delivery tracking, contact clients through voice calls, and coordinate chatbots for a consistent shopping experience. Being a quick communication medium, you can be open to your clients whenever, anyplace.

4. WhatsApp is free

WhatsApp for business is free except if you are utilizing Business API or incorporating third-party chat bots. Also, that is reason enough to use it. The unique selling proposition of this platform is that it's anything but a free medium with a scope of highlights, broad and engaged in user base, the capacity to share content utilizing various media formats, and having the option to connect with customers flawlessly.

5. Your target audience is already on WhatsApp

As indicated by Experian showcasing Services, WhatsApp has a median age of 36. 71% of users who are in the age section of 18 to 44. WhatsApp is presently getting pace with American users, and as an advertiser outfitted with this data, you face two situations. You market to a worldwide crowd, so WhatsApp for business should be on your radar as soon as possible.  You market to the American crowd, so you have the chance to be an early adopter. As the application has a worldwide user base, it's anything but a go-to platform for diverse crowd portions, regardless of whether you're publicizing to the U.S. or universally.

6. Permission-based marketing at its best on WhatsApp

​​​​​​In spite of the prevalent view that WhatsApp marketing isn't practical as it very well may be intrusive, the platform offers permission-based marketing. You can't just look for or buy contacts. You either request them to share their number or to message you first or they could mark you as spam. In both the cases, you respect the clients' right to reject or receive your marketing message. What's more, you end up with a highly segmented crowd base that is interested in your marketing message.

7. WhatsApp Business API for different organizational needs

WhatsApp offers business applications for SMBs to make business profiles, share websites, open hours, contact information, and automation welcome and away messages for nothing. You can likewise integrate outsider chatbots for free. 

The Business API is for huge organizations that wish to send automated updates, notifications, tracking information to customers, and pay for the messages they send. This gives marketers unparalleled access to a connected user base.

8. WhatsApp offers high user engagement

​The HootSuite blog notes unimaginable engagement rates of messaging applications with 98% of mobile messages being opened and read, and with 90% being responded to within three seconds of receipt. 

So your showcasing message without a doubt will be opened and read on WhatsApp. WhatsApp status, read receipts also have driven user engagement on WhatsApp. Moreover, you will actually want to chat with your customers progressively, and have two-way conversations very much like in an actual physical store. 

9. You can personalize conversations on WhatsApp

​​​​​​​Coordinated connections assist your business in catering your customers' unique interests and necessities. This makes your message more relevant and authentic.

For instance, if a clothing brand is connected with their ordinary customers with WhatsApp and knows their buying preferences, they can send messages and deals that are relevant to them, like New Arrival - Summer Dresses for You.

10. Privacy and Security

User preferences have been continuously changing with regards to texting platforms. Back in the day, when text messaging was the only supporting message format, users needed to send multimedia and GIFs. Then, after that point, came emojis and stickers. 

Presently, the focus has shifted to security and privacy. That is the reason behind platforms like WhatsApp that are acquiring such a lot of popularity. It has an end to end message encryption feature that guarantees every of your discussions remain inaccessible to third parties.

Wrapping Up

WhatsApp is indeed an outstanding medium for customer service, resolving queries, sharing FAQs, tracking order delivery, as well as leveraging conversational chat bots. Using this platform optimally with the right marketing strategy can astonishingly help you deliver exceptional customer experiences. So get your WhatsApp Business Account today and leverage it for your business to its fullest. If you have any queries with regards to WhatsApp Marketing Tips, feel free to get in touch with our Digital Marketing Company.

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