20 Creative Brochure Cover Design Ideas For Your Inspiration

20 Creative Brochure Cover Design Ideas For Your Inspiration

Every hour there are tonnes of projects published by many skilled designers. But, because those are published across a collection of different sites, you often miss those sites. 

The cover of a brochure plays an essential role in catching the attention of the target audience. It needs to be designed in a specific way to fit with your target audience. When you stuck on something, the best thing to do is to keep your head high and look for the next thing. Good inspiration always comes from the surroundings. There’s a reason why the brochure continues to grow in the age of digital marketing-because of skilled designers who push the limits with innovative ideas and creative designs that make a lasting impression. To help you identify the inspiration for your brochure design, we handpicked a bulk of elegant and professional brochure design samples that you can use to find brochure design ideas to easily make the best cover for all kinds of brochures. If you are thinking of designing a unique brochure for your company, you can simply hire a brochure design company to meet all your expectations.  The other thing that’s exciting about this brochure design is that they can be used for print. Digital publishing creates a door for exciting possibilities like links within brochures, embedded videos, scrolling text, and widespread distribution.

Here we have gathered up a huge collection of brochure cover design ideas showcasing our brochure design inspiration from different sectors in the hopes that they will plant a few seeds of creativity.

Creative Business Brochure

With the help of this design, you can create a combination of perfect photo and the font. You can put up all your ideas into reality. It is the best choice for startups, mid-ranged businesses, modern businesses, and creative agencies. You can customize images and fonts as per your brand theme.

Minimal Brochure Design

You can keep your brochure cover simple, clean, and elegant. This will easily build your brand value. If your design is simple, it can offer you a space to describe your business or company. Being maintaining minimalism to your brochure cover gives a classy feeling about your brand.

Company Brochure Design

About 80 percent of the companies use old and dull designs for its annual report. You need to implement creativity in your annual brochure report. You can customize your design using InDesign CS4 or higher.

Fashion And Beauty Brochure

Creating a brochure cover for a fashion and beauty brand demands extra effort. You need to maintain simplicity and style at the same time. Add some sparkles to your brochure cover and use high-quality images on your cover.

Light And Dark Business Brochure

If you like minimalism, this theme will help you find inspiration for your brochure design. If you use both light and dark color designs in your brochure, it will give you a clean and elegant look. Keep your brochure design in perfect light and dark colors combination to give an elegant look.

Perennial Brochure

The perennial brochure is best for brands with a cheerful, springtime, and pleasant theme. A perennial is a plant with a life span of more than two years. It is the best brochure design for outdoor events that are held when the sun is scorching.

Academic Brochure Template

Vintage brands like museums, city tour agencies, and historical landmarks can use the academic brochure to add beauty to their unique features. Normally, academics use a tri-fold design and a section-based layout to differentiate sites and items of interest that visitors love to see during their stay.

Redwood Coast Travel Brochure

Redwood Brochure design has ample space to fit the images of the travel destination. If you place travel images then readers will easily get attracted towards the design of the brochure. The image-based cover design is intriguing but not overwhelming, adding just the right masala to this beautiful design.

Wine Country Brochure

This tri-fold brochure template is best for agricultural or rural-oriented organizations. Some of the examples of rural oriented organizations are agricultural lands, farms, and wineries. The elegant and simple design demonstrates the simple beauty of the countryside.

Alpine Vista Travel Brochure

The Alpine Vista brochure has an incredible tone suitable for companies dealing with mountain sports and expeditions. A high-quality image leads out on the cover, on the other hand, a yellow color scheme spreads a positive and energetic. You marking different destinations, you can use a trifold layout.

Brisk Pamphlet Brochure

The brisk pamphlet is best for both short-form and long-form applications. It gives you a modern and edgy feel to your brochure design. Create a stylish feel to the brand by designing a risky design. At the same time, you can create a professional look at your organization.

Contempo Brochure

Placing contemporary design in your brochure cover can easily gain the attention of the readers. Compelling angles and clean lines easily define the Contempo brochure. If you are dealing with a corporate type of business, you can simply use this design. You can add customization factors as per your choice to create a unique design for your brand.

Grey Skies Pamphlet Design

Some people like to read only a little bit of text. Photography is the king in this brochure cover design. Using high-quality images lets you give a visual summary of your organization’s core ideal. You need to create the best impression at the first glance to add value to your brand.

Oceanside Pamphlet Design

The Oceanside Pamphlet Design gives you a deep sweet feeling. It is more interesting than the grey skies. You can design a brochure cover that gives peace with the help of this inspiration. If you plan for outdoor events like marriages, functions, and engagement, you can go for this brochure cover.

Residential Real Estate Brochure

Residential real estate design is best for brands that are dealing with the real estate business. It has a warm and welcoming tone that also gives you a fresh and current feeling. The way the bold text wraps around the photograph resembles a live tour around a property.

Mediterranean Brochure

Beautiful images together give an immersive and open feel. Blue tones and ocean-themed images can calm your mind to an extent. Using the  Meditteranean feel on your brochure can solidify your organization for a customer before they even read a frontline of your copy.

Big Sky Travel Brochure

Most people fall for Big Sky images, as it gives a feeling of independence and an open mind. This design is highly adaptable, with a mix of unique elements that are customized to match the appearance and feel of the destination. You can three images on the allotted space on the cover.

Prism Brochure Design

The angles of the prism design can exactly match the mountain resort imagery it riffs on. This design is a better choice for massage centers and spas.  You can also use this brochure cover design for tour companies, ski resorts, and for announcing upcoming retreats.

Modern Architecture Brochure

Adapting a landscape layout is the best choice for creating a portfolio brochure for an architecture firm. This helps you to showcase your brand better to the outer world. You can create a modern architectural design to give a classy feeling to your customers.

Business Profile Brochure

When designing a brochure cover for showing your business profile, it needs to feature an elegancy that represents the inner core ideals of the company.


In this digital era, brochures have remained a prevalent way to deliver business-related information. Unique and interesting brochure templates paired with perfectly designed content will become an important part of your brand statement. You can the best one from the above-mentioned inspirations based on your profile theme and core ideals. The main thing to consider is ensuring the brochure cover design you design is consistent with the brand you’re designing it for. By going through the collection of brochure design samples we’ve put together, you can see there are many ways to make a brochure design. Even within the same niche, plenty of designs are entirely different from one another. There are some rules for designing a brochure, so long as it is the best means of offering essential data while maintaining brand consistency. If you try a little bit harder on applying your creativity, you can even reach the sky. In order to create your own brochures, you can begin by looking for inspiration at competitors’ brochure cover design ideas. To know about the latest trends in brochure cover design keep you updated with current news and find inspiration for brochure cover design ideas around you.

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