20 Free Online Tools For Website Speed Testing

20 Free Online Tools For Website Speed Testing

“To me, speed is really about convenience” – Marissa Mayeer

Speed is a rather modern pleasure which started with convenience and has become people’s habit today. Same applies to Search Engine users. The main purpose of Search Engines is to provide people with answers to their queries, fast. If the results were not fast enough, searchers might just have searched a book to find the answer, or maybe called someone who is knowledgeable enough. If your website is to top the Search Engine Results Page (SERPs), your Website need speed – Lightening fast Speed. 

Google has stated that the page loading time should not be more than 3 seconds. If there is more delay, you are going to have reduced website traffic, lower conversion rates, and even decreased customer satisfaction. Can you afford such losses to your business simply because your website is too slow? So, what to do about it? The answer is simple, make use of Website Speed Online Testing Tools. The best part is that they are free too. The Website Speed Online Testing Tools not only do Website Speed Testing for your website, but also give you pointers on where you can improve it.

Top 20 Free Online Tools for Website Speed Testing

  • Google PageSpeed Insights:

This Page Speed testing tool is owned by Google which is great for small and middle scale businesses; which lets you know the performance related issues of your websites as well as it provides you insights into the experience of your visitors in real-time. It also gives you metrics on the user experience based on your website’s performance and grades it.

  • Dotcom-Monitor:

Dotcom enables to conduct free load time testing which is browser based and can be carried out across 20 different test locations globally from different mobile as well as desktop browsers. The best part is that it can do all the geographical tests as the same time.

  • GTmetrix:

GTmetrix allows you great performance monitoring. It enables website monitoring by giving you details about the key performance indicators. Also, it enables website testing across multiple regions. Along with that, it also tests the performance of our websites at various connection speeds. 

  • KeyCDN Speed Test:

KeyCDN is a tool which is great for full-page speed tests, geolocation check and provides a conduct across various 14 locations. Thus, it is preferred for it website speed test on the go. Not only that, but it also helps ensure of the SSL security of your website through SSL FREAK attack test.

  • Pingdom:

Pingdom is a tool which comes with free as well as paid features. It free features include monitoring of website performance and downtime, insights into performance as well as bottlenecks affecting your website speed. It lets you test your web pages across 70 polling locations throughout the globe. The paid features of Pingdom include thorough monitoring of uptime, transaction, server, visitor, etc.

  • Uptrends:

Uptrends is a free speed test tool which enables website monitoring of the load time from 10 locations on mobile or desktop devices. It enables website monitoring, dashboard monitoring, email monitoring and alerting.

  • Chrome DevTools:

DevTools is another tool owned by Google, and is built directly into Chrome. As the name suggests, this tool is for Developers as it provides on-the-fly editing process along with problem diagnostics.

  • YSlow:

YSlow is a speed test tool which is free as well as open-source and was originally implemented in Firefox web browser. This tool refers to a number of high-performance website rules by Yahoo! and is in form of plugins and command-line scripts for web browsers and servers.

  • Sucuri LoadTimeTester:

Sucuri is a tool for performance testing which improves your site’s speed with caching and CDN. It also gives a global rating from A to F, and measures the time taken for your site to connect to user.

  • Pagelocity:

Pagelocity is a free web application, which not only tests your page loading speed, but also helps you optimize it. Thus, it gives you insights into the code, the site’s efficiency, and even the on-page SEO of your site. All these insights come with 3 different ratings and also with suggestions to improve all these aspects. 

  • Web Page Analyzer:

This free tool conduct for you tests of the page composition, the download time, the page size, as well as the size of individual components too. It considers all the web optimization methods, the web page size guidelines, trends, etc. and based on them gives you recommendation.

  • WebPageTest:

WebPageTest is a speed test tool with key features which enables content blocking, video capture, checks of page speed optimization, as well as testing of multi-step transactions along with the speed test. Using this tool, you can test out the speed of your website across multiple locations in the world. It also gives suggestions for better performance of your site as well as provide you with waterfall charts of resource loading.

  • OctaGate SiteTimer:

OctaGate SiteTimer is a speed testing tool which tests for you how long your web page takes for loading. Within it, the tool also offers you waterfall timeline which shows how the various objects within your webpage which is tested, are downloaded.

  • LoadImpact:

LoadImpact is a load testing tool which conducts cloud based tests of the performance of the websites, applications as well as API. Also, it shows useful visuals of all the results of the tests in forms of graphs etc.

  • New Relic:

New Relic is originally a software analytics company. It has created a free online web performance test which enables you to conduct tests across 9 locations. They also provide extra features for its paid plans such as monitoring your changing system, analyzing the impact of your web performance on your business, etc. It even checks out your websites WordPress plugins  and lets you know which plugin takes more time to respond.

  • Nibbler:

Nibbler is a website speed teasing tool which tests the technological side of things of your website; and thus lets you know the your website speed, its accessibility, its user-friendliness as well as how good it is for SEO, etc. Do note that it has an advanced paid version too which also comes with website audit features

  • Dareboost:

Dareboost is a speed test tool which helps you find out what is causing the poor performance of your website. Monitoring your website’s performance across 7 different types of mobile devices and 13 different test locations, it conducts speed tests, with as well as without block specific domains and adblocking. The results of the test are provided to you in a thorough report which gives you recommendations which are categorized so that you can know which improvement measures you need to address firs.

  • GeekFlare:

GeekFlare tests and monitors your website’s performance on the basis of time to first byte, page size, request counts by type, screenshots, etc. It allows you to test the loading speed of your website on mobile or desktop devices across various locations around the globe.

  • PageScoring:

PageScoring is a free tool providing information of your website and its domains loading speed. It checks your 

  • Varvy Pagespeed Optimization:

Varvy consists of various tools testing Speed, mobile functionality, SEO, etc. Its tests your Page Speed Optimization and provides various guidelines and tips for improving your optimization.  

As a Website Development Company, we understand the need for Website Speed Online Testing Tools. After all it is an important measure for SEO, and is necessary to retain your visitors. You can’t let them simply leave your website. So, we suggest you make use of the above mentioned tools to keep a check on your website performance and get a higher SERP rank.

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