5 Facebook Advertising Tips For Better ROI And Conversion

5 Facebook Advertising Tips For Better ROI And Conversion

On an average, a Facebook user clicks on an Ad once every 3 days, i.e. 11 Ads / month. And Facebook – which by the way is #1 Social Media Network Platform – has 2.41 billion monthly users. From this you can infer the massive engagement that this platform allows for. It should then come as no surprise that more than 90% – small as well as big – make use of Facebook for Social Media Marketing. Thus, you should understand that along with massive engagement, there is also massive competition. The positive point to be found here is that not all businesses are going for paid reach, but rather stick to organic reach. Of the 90 million small businesses which use Facebook, only 24.6% make use of paid media. And this, my dear businesses, is the opportunity for you to dig in.

You need to make your Ad stand out and shine. Of course the most time saving and cost optimizing way is to hire a Digital Marketing Company with good experience and recommendation which will do the work for you. Or else, you can put in your time and resources to hire a full time Social Media Marketing personal. No matter what you choose, you will be the final decision maker of how your advertisement will come out. To help you with that, here are our Facebook Advertising Tips based on our experience as an expert Digital Marketing Company.

5 Facebook Advertising Tips for better ROI & Conversions:

Targeting And Retargeting Audience:

Facebook has about 1.6 billion daily users. And while this means that you can use Facebook for a large reach out, it doesn’t mean you should. Remember that not every Facebook user is your target audience. For eg. If you are a Women’s cosmetic brand, you would want to reach out more to young women rather than old aged men. Every of your ad should have a purpose and you should choose your target market accordingly to reach out to. Also, don’t forget to ‘Retarget’. It’s easier to convert warm leads as compared to cold leads. Hence, try to advertise those who have previously responded to you in some way or even those who already are your customers.

Winning With Video Ads:

Your Facebook ad should always contain less text and more imagery. And, if you use video, it’s the best. Facebook videos get about 8 billion views per day. The power of this multimedia is undeniable. Also, research shows that users watch 85% of the Facebook videos without sound. If it’s interesting enough, they might increase the sound later on. This means you need to make videos which can be viewed without sound and are captivating enough for the user to keep watching on. Take this opportunity to tell a story, a narrative which will be able to engage your audience, so that they will be compelled to click on that link below and be directed to your website, bringing in a great traffic for your business website.

Well Optimized Landing Page:

Once Facebook users view your ad and click on it, they’ll be directed to your landing page. A good landing page will automaticly increase your chances at conversions. The content of the landing page should match with the purpose of your ad, whether it is collecting cold leads or introducing a new product. Keep it short (except if it has description of your products), and remember to keep your call-to-action in focus. Also make sure that the images, videos, etc. Are optimized so that the page loads fast. If your landing page is going to take ages to load, you can just bid your potential customers good bye. And of course, make sure that your landing page is mobile-friendly.  A ‘fast loading landing page’ this takes us to our next tip – Facebook Canvas.

Opt For Newer Option – Canvas:

Facebook Canvas is a rather new advertisement option by Facebook which gives its viewers a full-screen ad experience. Hold your breath – at the same cost as that of the News feed Ad. Canvas Ads, are seen on Facebook feed and allows for immersive and interactive Ads which can hook the users right in. You can combine images, GIFs, videos, swipe through carousels, tilt to pan, call-to-action, etc. to put forth your story; by using Facebook Canvas’s easy-to-use templates. The users can scroll, click, swipe to view, tap to expand, etc. to view your ads. The best aspect of this instant mobile experience is that the users can engage with your business without visiting your website. These ads take the viewers to a landing page before landing page within Facebook only; and this page loads insanely fast – 15x faster than standard mobile web. This significantly reduces bounce backs due to longer loading times and gets your business higher conversions.

Use Facebook Analytics:

Facebook offers a free tool designed to work with Facebook Ads. It lets you explore the users’ interactions with your ads. Thus, it gives you all the data and analysis of the responses your Ad campaign is garnering – be it good or bad – and shows if it is converting well or not. You need to make proper use of the analytics to make informed decision for your business ad campaigns such as – where you should place your ads, what type of content you should use, which audience you should target, etc.

So, these were our expert tips for improving your ROI and conversions through Facebook. Of course, this is just skimming, but should be enough to help you through. 

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