5 Outstanding Ways To Use Salesforce For Customer Retention

5 Outstanding Ways To Use Salesforce For Customer Retention


For all the businesses, India has a key saying, which we cannot forget - ‘Customer is God’. Believe me, that if you are a business, you would profit better if you remember and integrate this sentence in your every business strategy.

When it comes to increasing business and sales, businesses always try to get more and more customers. A lot of capital is spend for this purpose right from let’s say a cold call or even social media advertising till your product/service is finally sold to the customer. What comes after the customer makes a purchase is comparatively much less costly; and much more profitable. Let me elaborate. Once you sell your product/service to the customer, your customer service begins. This is the time you can develop a better Customer Relationship. You can keep track of how your company product is working, if it is satisfying the customer, if the customers are facing any problems and how can their queries and difficulties be solved, and importantly if they are happy with the product. If your respond accordingly to your customers, you increase your satisfied customers which will then be loyal to your business and next time would purchase from you. If they are really happy with you, they might even refer your services to others. This is the process of how you retain a customer through proper Customer Relation Management; and a good way to go about so as to increase profit as well as the goodwill of the company.

Earlier companies used to have their own server for CRM solutions, which required setting up of complex hardware and software, securing it and then taking it to the internet. This whole process took too much time and space. To make CRM more efficient and hassle-free, Salesforce CRM software was developed. The best part of Salesforce is that it is a Cloud Computing Software.

Cloud computing/ Cloud means storing or accessing your data and programs over the internet rather than your own hard drive. Cloud is virtual and infinite and can be accessed from anywhere with a device that connects with the internet.

This is what ‘Salesforce’ to all businesses, it’s easy accessibility. If you have internet access, you have all the customer data information that your business has been able to gain. It’s simple as that. Let me define Salesforce for you so that you get some idea.

What is Salesforce?

Salesforce is a cloud technology-based software that helps businesses to connect with potential customers. The main purpose of this software is to provide Customer Relationship Management CRM services such as tracking customer support and customer complaints; by growing the customer base, connecting with customers, and retaining them.

Now that you know what Salesforce is and how useful it is, I am sure you understand why as a business, you would need Salesforce. Without a doubt, it’s for a better Customer relationship Management. But I wish to give you 5 reasons more of how you can use Salesforce and retain your customers. So, read ahead and understand the different ways in which Salesforce can be a tool no business can afford to miss upon. 

5 Ways of How to Use Salesforce for Customer Retention?

1. Uniting The Data By Integrating All Software: The first and foremost step you can take to retain your customers is bringing together all the Customer data on a single platform i.e. on your Salesforce Software. You may wonder how it can be done. Simple, you can integrate this Salesforce with other software that your marketing team, sales tame, service teams are using. The result will be that Salesforce will have all the customer data at your fingertips so that you can have a complete perception of your customers. 

2. Treat Customers As Individual Entities: By centralizing the customer data, it helps in creating insights on the individual clients. Nothing makes customers happy than knowing that the company from which they purchased remembers them even after purchase. If they are made feel special by showing that your company knows them personally, you know what have been their purchases, and what are their choices and interests, customer become compelled to continue purchasing from your company.

3. Tracking Interactions To Build Relationship: Salesforce can be used to bring together all the data – but in segments and targets – so that you know which are your important customers and where they are from. Thus, by using Salesforce, you can track all your interactions with customers and you can further retain customers you have interacted with. For example, it’s not possible same salesperson or service person will interact with the same customer always. Keeping a track of the interaction will let whoever that is interacting with the customer know the customer, thereby building a relationship and retaining customers.

4. Make Use Of Social Media: Salesforce can be used to integrate with all your social media accounts. Thus, you can keep track of any query, complaint, compliment, your customer are making on the social media platform. Undoubtedly, you as a business have evolved with times and are using one of the cost-effective way of marketing i.e. using social media. If so, salesforce can be used so that you become more active on social media. You can thus maintain customer loyalty and be able to retain them. 

5. Reaching Out To Past Customers: There may be many customers which had previously made a purchase from you but now are inactive. With Salesforce you can group all such customers together and simultaneously reach out to them with sales strategy, mails, advertisements, etc to reactivate them. This is a much cost-effective option rather than getting more customers.

Now that I have made you aware of how you can use Salesforce for retaining your customers, you can make use of Salesforce Development Company such as Techasoft and take a positive step towards Customer Relation Management.

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