5 Steps for a Successful Mobile App Launch

5 Steps for a Successful Mobile App Launch

The end goal of any mobile app development is precisely to launch or re-launch a mobile product that not only drives many downloads but also maintains high user engagement and user retention rate. Unfortunately, for many businesses in today's time launching new products, luring the attention from potential users and standing out in the crowded app market has become increasingly difficult and this is largely due to a saturated market that has become extremely dynamic with cut throat competition.

For businesses that are looking to gain a competitive edge, leveraging a comprehensive app launch strategy is quite essential for paving the way to success in the app market place. A Mobile app launch strategy has a very significant impact on acquiring and retaining users and it is a marketing effort that requires extensive research and ongoing work to witness the results. To improve your chances of success in this field, we’ve put together a list of five steps that you must follow at each stage of the Mobile App launch process.


Test Your App

Before the final launch in the playstore, you must schedule a thorough testing of your mobile app on users as this will help you collect unbiased and real-time feedback. Also, allow your potential customers to explore the app and navigate through it and take their feedback and work on the sections and functionalities that need further improvement.

You can even request the testers to market your app with a top class marketing strategy and leave a good review and rating on the launch date. If needed, turn your testers into app ambassadors and leverage all the quick app promotion benefits.

Offer an In-App Feedback Option

The negative rating is the major turn off for the potential users in today's time. At the same time, no one would like to download an app that has not received authentic reviews. If you keep the store review channel then the only option for your end users to report any bugs or problems in the app, you are going to receive a lot of negative reviews.

The best way to avoid negative ratings of your app is by providing users with an in-app feedback channel that lets your users report any complaint while using the in-app feedback section and this in turn, will also help the app owner to comprehend their customer’s problems and solve all the disputes quickly.

Develop Your App Marketing Strategy

Never wait for the app launch date to keep your Mobile App Marketing strategy in place. A successful mobile app is the one that’s been known of in the market much before it is actually launched in the app store. In fact, you should also start planning marketing strategies as soon as the mobile app development process starts.

Advance marketing helps users to spread awareness like fire in the jungle of their mobile app before its release. You can build customer engagement, introduce stunning app features, and upload teasers to grow your target audience. A marketing plan is divided into many phases like pre-launch, launch, and post-launch phases. You must also leverage social media platforms, websites, and other online marketing channels to promote your app like anything.

Create Videos

So far, videos have proven to be the best marketing tool for mobile apps as the users prefer to check the video tutorials more to learn about the app features before they even hit the install button. Hence, Brands can invest in video marketing to enhance the app awareness amongst their target audience. You can also include in it, the app features, functionalities, USP, and goals and this video can be published everywhere websites and social networking channels for better promotion and awareness.

Consider App Store Optimization

A professional mobile app builder does not only design your app but promote it during the launch but your job isn’t completed with the application launch in the Play app store. As it is proved that the real marketing strategy begins after the mobile app submission on the play store. To make your app easily discoverable to your target audience, invest in app store optimization as this will bring organic traffic to your app and encourage users to download your app in huge numbers.



So these were five steps that would definitely help you for a successful mobile app launch. For the best results, an app launch strategy should create not just one but many touchpoints for potential users to explore before the product is in reality available for download. Building awareness prior to the app launch gives users a crisp idea about the purpose and advantages of the app, so when they arrive at the app store listing, your product would make a compelling first impression. In case you need professional help for development of your app or launch of your app, you can contact us anytime as we, Techasoft, are known as a top Mobile App Development Company. 

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