HPC and AI Are Changing the World

HPC and AI Are Changing the World

The fact that technology is evolving at a rapid rate had not been hidden from anyone of us. Even in the most recent supercomputing conference the most discussed topic was of semiconductors and system vendors. In this article we are going to discuss how HPC along with AI is changing the world.

HPC – Highest Performing Computing Solutions in the world are taking a leap everywhere. We know how easily HPC solves the most challenging and difficult problems, right from human genome to climate change but besides this, there are still so many other wonders performed by HPC. Furthermore there are thousands of applications that the companies can use and benefit from HPC.

The companies are already using HPC and AI and are rushing to push the data, applications and other services to the cloud but if they enhance their way of using HPC along with AI or reconsider the ways in which they use it then for sure they can improve the performance of their organizations and not only this but they will also get a plus point over their competitors. 


As said, companies can use HPC and AI as a plus point over their competitors as well as to improve the overall functioning of their organization – here is how.

The amount of data perceived from the environment is ever increasing like – sensors, machines and other sources, now the companies can perceive this data and use it for their benefit. All they need to do is to interpret the data in a meaningful way.

The applications of HPC and AI are as follows:

1) Threat Detection – HPC and AI are used by the leading Banks to detect the threats.

2) Target ads – Highest Performing Computing Solutions long with Artificial Intelligence are used for targeted ads by Internet and Advertising agencies.

3) Treatment – Artificial Intelligence and HPC are also used for treating a number of diseases and ailments including Cancer.

4) Chip Designs – Even the chip companies are together using HPC and AI for introducing new chip designs in the market.

5) Crop Yields – HPC and AI can even assist the farmers with new ways to help them increase their crop yield.

Now as the technology is fast evolving the Artificial Intelligence and HPC have become more accessible than ever before. Owing to the intellectual properties of the AI and HPC the companies which do not use it may not stay relevant in the time coming. It is advised that now every company should use the Artificial Intelligence to stay in the ever increasing competition in the market. Even the universities are advised to make good use of HPC and AI to maintain the competitive nature. Even many of the recent grants have targeted projects leveraging AI and HPC.


There are so many applications of AI and HPC. I have mentioned some for your convenience:

1) AI can be used to improve the infrastructure of a place and even help the small and medium businesses to excel.

2) It helps to detect the leaks in oil pipeline and at the same time it even reduces the number of false detection.

3) AI helps to detect the colorectal cancer at an earlier stage thus helping in saving lives and reducing the medical costs.

4) AI is used to detect the threat species on Barrow Island – it is a nature reserve off the west coast of Australia.

Besides these, there are several other innovative applications of the AI for instance - It is used in the layout and designing of the new chips. AI can also be used for the specification of new chips in future.


AI and HPC are fast evolving and every company and organization is trying to make the utmost use of these technology to help them improve their performance and functioning. But it also depends on the company, how well they use it and for what purposes because at the end of the day what matters is not the performance crown but what the companies can do with the HPC and AI. 

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