A New business model with help of CRM

A New business model with help of CRM

In this article you are going to study about CRM – that is, its uses, benefits and how CRM helps in building a new model. You may be accustomed with the term CRM – CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management.

It is a software that is beneficial for all the companies and even individuals as it helps to develop good relations with the customers and also maximize the communications between them. The goal of CRM and CRM Software Development Company like Techasoft is simple that is to improve your business relations. It aids you in stating connected with your clients, improve profitability and streamline process. It even helps you with sales management and productivity.

To get a bit more elaborate, it isn’t a simple address book. It helps you empower your relationship with others and even evaluate the purchases and much more.

THE USE OF CRM:                                          

The software of CRM has a large number of uses as well as benefits. Some of the benefits of CRM are mentioned here for your convenience.

  1. It drives you towards success by ensuring that the relations and external interactions are healthy.
  2. Allows you to store the information of customer and prospect.
  3. Easy access to the customer information to anyone within your company who may need it.
  4. Easier to collaborate and increase productivity.


Basically, there are three types of models :

  1. IDIC Models
  2. QCI Models
  3. CRM Value Chain models.

IDIC MODEL: IDIC stands for Identity, Differentiate, Interaction, Customize . This model was first developed by Peppers and Rogers and they believe that the companies should follow the I – D – I – C approach. They first need to identify who their actual customers are. Once they identify their actual customers now they should move forward by trying to understand them better so that they can serve their customers profitably. The next step is to Differentiate the customer on the basis of value and need. Value in the sense that which customer is generating value for future whereas need means that which customer demands what.

INTRECTION: The company should interact with the customers on the basis of their needs and demands, via interaction they should try to know more about their customers. This helps a great deal when the company wants to serve it’s customers individually and also to build loyal customers and long term relationship with the customers. Now after all this, the last thing that should be done by the company is to customize the offers and other services for it’s customer who are essential for the company.

QCI MODEL: QCI model is one in which a series of activities are depicted or communicated among the company that it needs to perform to enhance it’s serving of customers. Acquire the customers and also retain them. The activities depicted are related to the employees, people, organization and technology. In this approach even the External Environment is considered to be an important factor, as it influences the planning process of the organization.

CRM VALUE CHAIN MODEL: This model is based on strong theoretical principles and also on the practical requirements of the business. The main motive of this approach is to ensure that the company builds significantly and strategically important long term relationship with the customers who are actually important for the company.

These relationships are build with the help of people, information technology, tools, customers data, company's approach and processes and the customer itself. There are five basic steps in this approach. Namely – customer portfolio analysis, value proposition development, managing the relationship, network development and customer intimacy.


Now you know through this article that how important CRM is for your company and how it helps to build significant relationships with it’s customers. It is very important in the development of the company and at the same time it also helps a company to reach it’s targeted audience. Techasoft is one such leading CRM Software Development Company which may help you to reach the heights of success you have always dreamt of. Invest in CRM to see your dreams turning into reality.

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