Best Dynamic Website Development Platforms

Best Dynamic Website Development Platforms

Did you know that today there are about 2 billion websites on Internet and less than 400 million are active? Does that make you sweat? Do you wonder what do you need to do to build a website which will able to survive such tough competition? The answer is simple – Create a Dynamic Website as opposed to a Static one. What is the Difference you ask? Let us explain. Techasoft, being one of India’s top Dynamic Website Development Company today, is here to let you know why you need to develop a Dynamic Website for your business, which are the best platforms to develop them, and who can develop them – all in this article itself. But, first things first;

Dynamic Website Vs Static Website: Why Go For Dynamic?

Static Web Sites or brochure sites are static i.e. un-changing just like a brochure. It has no involvement of users, no interaction, nothing. It is displayed in the same way it is stored and requires only client side technologies. They can be developed using basic HTML, CSS or JavaScript.

Dynamic Websites on a contrast allow for interaction. They require Web hosting, servers, and back-end processing; and are created using complicated languages such as PHP. These, websites allow for comments, let’s create a profile, asks a quiz, allow you to make bookings with them, etc. are all Dynamic Websites. It is obvious that Dynamic Websites thus allow for engagement and conversions of visitors, improving the sales and ultimately profits of your business.

What Is The Need For Dynamic Website Development Platforms?

You must have gleaned from above that Dynamic Websites are rather complicated to develop, and require greater skills, which means they are expensive too. Also they require a Content Management System (CMS) to manage all their content. So, mostly a Dynamic Website Development Company creates a custom CMS for its clients. Does this sound all good?  May be except the expensive part? Well this is why you need a Dynamic Website Development Platform. Today there is a large number of CMS platforms available using which Dynamic Websites can be developed, and the best part, some of them are free too. They cost less for Website Development as compared to a custom website development.

Which Are The Best Dynamic Website Development Platforms?

There are several Dynamic Website Development Platforms out there with various attractive packages. The ones mentioned below are some of the best ones. Take a look to better understand which ones can fulfil your website needs.

WordPress: 37% of all the websites are powered by WordPress. If we consider websites built only with CMS, WordPress holds 60% market share. This should be enough to let you know the impact and trust that website developers have in WordPress. As a WordPress Development Company, we can vouch for it’s easy to operate environments, which complements its popularity. The best aspect is that you can develop websites without knowledge of coding language. This is because there are a number of tools and functionalities which are embedded in WordPress; as well as a number of paid and free themes and plug-ins which enables easy customization. To top it off, WordPress even offers tools which helps in making websites SEO friendly too. While WordPress is an open-source and free platform, you may need to buy the domain name, hosting service, and even some themes and plug-ins to let your website have the functionalities you want. Or you can simply hire a WordPress Development Company which will get your website developed on WordPress with all the functionalities you require of it.


Joomla is another popular and preferred CMS platform which is open-sourced and comes with versatile infrastructure. PHP and MYSQL are used to create Joomla, which makes it a highly scalable as greatly secure web designing platform. You should is preferred it if you with to built a website having powerful web applications as well as multiple functionalities.


PHP is an open-source development platform and a server-side scripting language offering versatility during development of dynamic websites. It also has on offer a number of functionalities and benefits befitting a paid scripting language. It helps in developing a website structure which is durable and able to handle mass-traffic. However do note that PHP requires knowledge of programming languages, so that it can be used by developers.

Magento:  Magento is another one of the best and free CMS platforms and can be utilized to develop e-commerce websites. It provides a number of features and also a number of extensions all enabling the users customize their website. Also, it has a user forum which is highly active.


This is a paid Website Development Platform which is rather omnipresent and engineers have knowledge of building applications by utilizing this framework. The plus part of ASP.NET is that it has a large library of database interactions as well as basic functions.

The above mentioned are some of the Best Dynamic Website Development Platforms – some which can be used only by Developers, some by anyone without coding knowledge. The final decision should depend upon the user, the type of website to be developed, the functionality required of it, etc. If you are doubtful of which Platform is for your business website, consult the professionals.

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