Best Productivity Tips For Developers And Programmers

Best Productivity Tips For Developers And Programmers

There is a great demand for productive engineers in IT and its service sector. The main reason for this demand is not only are they able to code faster, but also write high-quality code. The productivity of the programmers is measured using LOC(Line Of Code) and the quality of the code written. As productivity for programmers is complex to measure due to project complexities, LOC is used to provide a rough estimate. Many of us confuse the term ‘busy’ with ‘productive’. Being busy denotes that you don't have much free time due to a huge number of tasks of the worklog that you’re trying to do. Being productive is when you do excellent quality work to complete your important tasks or get nearer to the goal. Being a developer or programmer means that you have a lot of things to do but if you spend too much time reading through emails or iterating repetitive tasks, you will just end up ‘being busy’ without much productivity to show. Time is ultimate, work smarter rather than harder. Being a productive programmer drives a lot of advantages, which include higher pay and other benefits.

In this fast-growing technology, when working as a developer, it is essential that you can add value, increase your development speed, can write high-quality code, and reduce a huge sum of boring and repetitive tasks. It is not easy to be productive as a developer because dealing with codes is definitely a stressful job that can exhaust your mind and demands a lot of attention. Understanding how you can focus on your daily activities, take shortcuts with the help of an automaton, and deal with distractions can help you a lot in making the best out of your working hours. we hope this blog will answer your questions including How to improve developer productivity? And How to be a more productive developer?. In this blog, you can find our best productivity tips for developers and programmers.

Why Productivity Is Important?

Productivity is designed as the amount of output you churn out compared to the amount of input you put. Being a productive developer brings a lot of advantages including internal satisfaction, higher pay, office benefits, increased brand awareness, and more. The faster the programmer works, the better it is for the organization that is fighting competition every single minute. Startup companies also like productive engineers who not only solve their issues but also solve them much faster than others.

How To Improve Developer Productivity?

Follow the below-mentioned tips to become more productive as a developer. It is the most working productivity tips for developers and programmers.

Get Rid Of Distractions: You need to eliminate your distractions to improve your productivity. Programmers work on hard problems, and if they are distracted, it is complex to get back in the grove. It will take a minimum of 15 minutes to regain your focus. These developmental tools. Platforms and apps need proper understanding at both core and high level, you should keep your focus. The important thing is you need to keep the environment silent and less cluttered. If your desk is cluttered, it will disturb your mind because it is more of a psychological thing than the appearance itself. You need to maintain a clean work working environment and keep what is indispensable for effective performance.

Automate Repetitive Tasks: Automating repetitive tasks is essential these days as a programmer. You can automate your repetitive tasks rather than spending more time doing the task again and again. In the developmental phase, it does not need much automation. Automation is the future of technology and it supports you to focus on complex tasks by taking care of the monotone one. Writing a code can be a daunting task and easily break your productivity. To overcome this issue, take advantage of code generation, or write a script to automate tasks. You can automate things such as gathering and formatting data, batch file operations, notification, automated checking, and reporting.

Use Smart Tools: Make use of smart tools to boost your development speed and be more productive. In General, developers are very smart, but they can drive many benefits using this smart tool. It makes the day-to-day task of the developer much easier. For example, if you write a blog and you can check with Grammarly tools to produce error-free content. Use tools like sublime, code, Android Studio, visual studio, Trello, Figma, and other software to make your work easy. A smart IDE will boost your development space, make it easy for you fastly correct some typos with emmet, syntax highlighter, auto-suggest, and more.

Use Scrum: Scrum is an agile development framework used in complex coding projects and it is commonly used in the IT sector. It is totally based on sprinting and constant planning, rather than have a single milestone. With scrum, a crew is assigned feature implementation every 2 to 4 weeks. To ensure your work is moving forward perfectly, daily meetings are held by scrum masters at the beginning of the day. Due to the sudden study of technology, scrum is the best way to improve productivity. If you are the leader of the team, then try to implement the Scrum framework in your live projects. If you're not a team leader, then communicate about this Scrum with your team head.

Write It All Down: Make use of Google sheets, sticky notes on your monitor, a whiteboard, and to-do lists to write almost everything to memorize even small details. Find an approach that works best for you and write down anything that seems important as it pops into your mind. There are many ways to use notes to remember small details and stay organized. As programmers, we all know that when your workday demands handling multiple small tasks, it is easy for a person to slip your mind. Note everything in categories such as personal tasks, project notes, urgent, meetings, etc.

Find Your Most Productive Hours: Personally, I think some type of repetitive tasks can be done better in the morning. On the other hand, difficult or demanding assignments need more focus and dedicated effort is something handled much better. Arrange your tasks on a difficult basis to finish the work in time. Schedule your tasks using calendars and create your to-do list.

Check Your Email Regularly: Emails have a way of piling up, so you need to stay updated on your inbox, as new trends and developments always pop up. Every day check your email at the starting and end of the day. Spend only a few minutes of your workday to avoid having to sort through dozens of emails trying to see whether something is essential or just the usual one. Arrange your emails into folders based on sender or content.

Get A Mentor: Digital users have undermined the benefit of mentorship. It is very common for programmers and learners to think that by using the internet they can solve every problem for themselves. Availing a good mentorship helps to boost your understanding and also guides you to improve your productivity. Many top platforms provide code mentors for learners and experienced programmers.

Read Books: You need to spend time reading books to boost your quality of work. Books offer the best view on managing projects or understanding programming language or technology. Programming books are written by veteran engineers who have served the programming industry.

Don’t Optimize Prematurely: Premature optimization is a serious problem among the programming community. For real-time live projects, optimization is essential. Other projects including games also need optimization to a certain extent for a better user experience. It is better to optimize after a good chunk of functionality has been implemented.


The most important thing to be more productive in programming is to practice regularly. Programming is a big haunting task and you have to teach your machine how to work for you which is a little bit funny but also a complicated task for programmers. With the help of perfect planning, execution, and practice you will become a great programmer.

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