Coronavirus Help Package: Google To Offer $ 340 Million For Small And Medium-Sized Business

Coronavirus Help Package: Google To Offer $ 340 Million For Small And Medium-Sized Business


Amidst the COVID19, Google has promised to help people stay safe, informed and connected. And, I have to say, that it is delivering rather beautifully. 

WHO declared COVID-19 as an International Public Health Emergency on 30th January. And Immediately Google launched an SOS Alert. This alert, launched in 25 different languages, provides safety information and resources from WHO. 

Facing COVID-19, Google also has in place ‘Trust and Safety team’. This team is working on safeguarding Google users from conspiracy theories, misinformation, malware, phishing, new threats, etc. It has even blocked advertisements which are were trying to capitalize on COVID-19

And now Google is upping its support by offering $800+ million as a ‘coronavirus response package’.  This package is in support of health organizations and governments, health workers, and even small- and medium-sized businesses (SMBs).

Let’s take a look at the distribution of Google’s coronavirus response package –

  • $250 Million In Ad Grants: Google promises to offer a $250 million ad grant to WHO and 100+ government agencies. These ads will be ones providing information about preventing the spread of COVID-19 and related help. An additional $20 million ad grants provided to NGOs to community financial institutions to run public service ads related to relief funds, etc.
  • $200 Million Investment Fund: Google offers $200 million investment to globally support NGOs and financial institutions. provides an additional $15 million cash grant is for nonprofits.
  • $340 Million In Google Ads Credits: $340 million are offered in the Google Ads account the small- and medium-sized businesses (SMBs). The credit can be used across Google’s advertising platform till Dec 2020.
  • $20 Million In Gooogle Cloud Credits: Google has promised to offer $20 million in Google Cloud accounts for Researchers and academic institutions. Google allows them to utilize its infrastructure and computing capabilities so as to study and research for new ways for combating COVID-19.
  • Direct Financial Support: Google along with its partner Magid Glove and Safety is working to up the production of face masks to provide for the CDC Foundation. Also, it is working with the government and other equipment manufacturers to improve the production ventilators and other personal protective equipment (PPE).
  • Increase In Annual Gift Match For Employees: Google has announced to increase its annual gift match to its employees from $7,500 to & 20,000.

The impact of coronavirus is great and is affecting every person, especially business. While large businesses are able to sustain the backlash of the present condition, the small and mid-sized business will be comparatively suffering more burnt. 

Many of Google’s clientele are SMB’s. Google is well aware of the impact that the present circumstances will have on them. And thus, in this time of need, Google is ready to stand by its customers by crediting some money in their Google Ads accounts. The fact that the credit stands till the end of 2020 indicates, Google's understanding of the long term impact of COVID-19. 

The coronavirus help package stands as a testimony of Google’s rather humanitarian approach to protect against this pandemic which is affecting lives globally.

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