Custom Software Vs Readymade Software What To Choose?

Custom Software Vs Readymade Software What To Choose?

Every business needs some type of software to boost productivity and improve efficiency. The common question that arises in the mind of every business owner is “ Should I buy a readymade product or should I develop a customized app for my company?”.

People always look for an extensive robust application to streamline business operations. Hence the software has now become a crucial part of every business that thrives to succeed in the digital medium. If you are planning for a software implementation for your company, you have to either choose customized software or readymade software. Both software has its advantages and disadvantages. Some people go for custom software as it offers more flexibility and tailoring options. On the contrary, some people prefer readymade software to fit with their budget. In this article, we are going to see in brief about Custom Software vs Readymade software.

Readymade Software

Readymade Software

It is the type of software you can buy, install, and start to use immediately, like MS Office, Adobe Photoshop, or Frame maker. Readymade software is designed for general use and cannot be tailored as per your requirements.

Custom Software

Custom Software Development

Customized software is a specific program that is designed as per company needs and requirements. You can include additional features and modifications at any stage of the product life to meet changing business needs and demands.

Custom Software vs Readymade Software

Saves TimeReadymade software is easily available and can be installed in minutes. The thing you need to do is buy the software and get it installed. It can save a lot of time in your business. Readymade software comes incorporated with robust features fitting to a particular cliche, demanding only the installation from your end.

Assured EfficiencyReady software is designed and developed by a crew of skilled professionals. You need not waste time in getting the applications built, tested, or launched. The business can readily install the software after purchase. Readymade software has feedback options that facilitate easy check of the credibility and functionality of the software applications. Readymade software comes out after intuitive development procedure, pre launch testing, rigorous research, and more. Hence, there is no need of spending unwanted time for fixing the bugs and other pitfalls in the workflow.

In customized software, the efficiency will depend purely on the developer you hire for action. The business needs to take extra care in selecting the developer to work on software for your business. The final quality of the software is solely based on the quality of the developer you hire.

Access to Support: The software will act as a buffer in business. Thus, the selection of your software underlines the success and smooth functioning of your business.

In readymade software, you will not get support. Developers sometimes roll out updates on common to help you.

Customized software provides support through the lifetime of the software. Most developers offer 24/7 customer support and other troubleshooting services.

EconomicalProfit is the key factor in any business. Every business goal is to get the maximum revenue from the least investment put forth. Readymade software will cost less compared to custom software. Readymade software is not designed for any particular user, but the user in common.

In custom software development, you have to spend extra expenses upon future customizations.

Advantages Of Readymade Software

TimeA readymade software does not demand any additional development time since it is already pre-developed.

Error CorrectionThere is no need for error-correcting time since it is a readymade software. If there is an error in the application, they are then removed in the software upgrade.

CostReadymade software is low in cost compared to the customized one. This software is relatively low in cost to acquire because development cost is spread out among numerous customers.

User PoolA famous readymade logistics software has many skilled users for it.

Technical SupportThe readymade app developer has the experience of dealing with a wider user base. The developer already knows the usual problem areas and has readymade solutions for the same.

Pace Of Product EvolutionA famous readymade software has a wide user base. This normally gives more varied, frequent, and critical feedback.

Ease Of UseReadymade software is user-friendly and releases constant updates at a specific interval of time.

ConfigurabilityThese types of software are configured for general use.

Customer-Developer Power RelationshipA readymade software has a wide user base which puts constant pressure on the developer to maintain product excellence and reliable technical support.


Advantages Of Custom Software

Custom Software Is Designed To Meet Your Brands Needs And SpecificationsCustomer developed software is developed to meet the brand’s exact needs. Specifically designed software is designed for the individual needs and requirements.

Customized Software Can Be Scaled EasilyPersonalized software is built for specific business needs. It can easily integrate with business and scale as the business expands.

Personalized Software Can Have Lower Costs Over TimePersonalized software is the best investment for businesses that are searching for a long-term solution.

Business Can Own a Custom SoftwareYou need to pay fees to use someone else’s product. There is a possibility that your license simply stops working. Your company can easily own custom software.

Custom Software Can Be Maintained For As Long As You NeedYour software can be maintained for a long period. You will not be tied down to any licenses.

Custom Software Is Easier To Integrate Into The Company WorkflowUsing this software, several departments in a company communicate and work together seamlessly to generate constant workflow.


I hope this article, about Custom Software vs Readymade software, will help you to make choices between the two options and in defining your business scale and prospects. If you are struggling to choose the perfect software for your business, then contact Techasoft. We are the leading software development company. We are a pioneer in designing customer software at an affordable cost.

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