Flipkart Launches Its First Laptop ‘FALCON AERBOOK’ Under MarQ Brand In India

Flipkart Launches Its First Laptop ‘FALCON AERBOOK’ Under MarQ Brand In India


The E-commerce brand of India, Flipkart has launched its first laptop by the name of ‘Falcon Aerbook’. This Flipkart laptop will be marketed under the brand name of MarQ. This is not the only time, the e-commerce giant has invested in electronic appliances, MarQ consists of various electronic appliances launched by Flipkart, such as microwaves, AC’s and washing machine. The launching of this laptop by the giant has come on the sidelines of CES 2020.

The Falcon Aerbook is a very sleek laptop that is manufactured with the help of the 2 big tycoons of the IT industry, Microsoft and Intel. The Flipkart laptop is boosted internally with an Intel i5 chipset of the 8th generation. This strong and fast core which is the very latest, along with the Windows 10 software is said to makes on-the-go computing easier and feasible. Not only this, but the appliance has a very minimalistic and modern design which is available in silver color. It also claims to have a precision touchpad with multi-touch gesture support. This efficient laptop has a 13.3-inch full HD display as well as an in-plane switching display that makes sure you have an excellent visual experience. In order to make it easy to carry around, it weighs only 1.26kg with its thickness being 16.5mm. The laptop contains an 8GB RAM and also a 256GB SSD which means that the device will have increased system responsiveness and faster application loading times along with being energy efficient. Along with the internal storage, it offers additional storage by means of an SSD slot that allows the user to add extra space of up to 1TB. It is boosted by a 37Whr battery, that allows you to use it for up to 5 hours without charging it again and again.

The way, Flipkart guarantees the quality and service for the product it sells via its E-commerce site, it also assures that the laptop will come with door-step warranty and the delivery sites will cover more than 10,000 pin codes. Regarding the technicalities associated with the product, the company promises highly specialized technicians and replacements with genuine spare parts. If you encounter any problem with the laptop then the call center is available at your service all 7 days of the week, from 9 am to 9 pm, that is 12/7.

According to Adarsh Menon, who is the Senior VP for Private Brands at Flipkart, the company has monitored all the feedbacks and suggestions that the present generation would like to add in a laptop. On the bases of all the data, the company has tried to make a model, which meets the needs and demands of the people. There has been an increase in the amount of people that buy laptop online and thus, increasing the scope of success of the Falcon Aerbook. The main focus of the private sector of the company is to provide with laptops which have all the features at a reasonable and affordable price. That is the reason why, the starting range of these Flipkart laptops is just Rs.39,000, which does seem to be quite reasonable considering all the various features it offers. Flipkart also said that this laptop brand is designed in such a way so as to ‘provide best-in-class features, creates a strong value proposition for our customers, and brings on-the-go computing within everyone’s reach.’ The Falcon Aerbook is specifically designed for the students and young professionals, which prefer a sleek, thin laptop which is loaded with features and works without any interruptions. The increased speed makes sure that there is no stopping down in this fast-paced world.

The launch of this laptop is a part of the 15 product categories of MarQ which are spread across 50 variants. It is assumed that there will be an increase in the inclination of people towards thin and sleek laptop from 18% to 65% in the next 2 years. With the laptop in budget for the majority of the population, the product is set to launch on January 22nd. This new launch by Flipkart, seems to serve as an ideal laptop which covers performance, mobility and battery life.

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