Gaming SEO - Best SEO Strategies For Gaming Sites

Gaming SEO - Best SEO Strategies For Gaming Sites

In 2020, the estimated number of gamers all over the world is 2.7 billion, who spend on an average more than 7 hours.

The Video games market in the USA is expected to USD 90 billion worth by the end of 2020, while the online gaming market in India is estimated to grow to USD 1 billion.

What I am trying to point out here is the increasingly vast number of gamers and the gaming market, which is constantly on an increase. Surely, you must be aware of this if you are a Gaming website. Also, there has been a continuous evolution within the field of gaming. To keep up with this evolving industry, to reach out to the target audience, and to get a winning edge over your competitors, you need good SEO. Applying tried and proved SEO Strategies for Gaming Sites, all the while maintaining your uniqueness is equally important.

SEO Strategies will differ according to various websites and industries. The same goes for the Gaming industry. The community of Gaming SEO Sites even though being spread globally, is rather close-knit. So, you need to have a complete understanding of how it works. Then only, you’ll be able to make your website a part of this community and make use of its wide network. So how do you achieve this?

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The Best SEO Strategies For Gaming Sites:

Determine your Niche:

The gaming community is very vast. Similarly, when it comes to gaming, there are different genres, systems, elements, requirements, features, etc. You need to determine the niche of your gaming site. This will also determine your target audience. Once you know who your right audience is, you can develop your SEO Strategy accordingly to capture that audience.

Keyword Research:

This may sound like a general SEO Strategy, but nonetheless, it is an important word. Your SEO ranking depends on a large amount upon the keywords you are targeting and ranking for. Through proper research for determining the keywords for your gaming domain. Use of effective keywords and ranking for them is the key for your SEO Strategy.

Understand Your Community:

As stated earlier, the gaming community is very close-knit. It is very supportive and at the same time competitive, too. In short, it is rather very sporty. Gamers all over are very passionate about their niches of games and they have a widespread network, wherein they interact with each other. You need to understand the working of the gaming community to crack the proper SEO.

Get Gaming Forums To Back You Up:

In continuation with the above strategy, it is important to be a part of the various Gaming Forums which are an important aspect of the Gaming community. Gamers not only play together across the internet but they also actively interact and debate with each other; exchanging knowledge, experience, tips, tricks, etc. For this, there are various discussion boards and gaming forums within which gamers are on the lookout for content relating to the games they are passionate about. Getting backlinks for your Gaming site from such Gaming Forums is an SEO strategy you need to adapt to get increased traffic and also for link building.

Get To Creating Videos:

While discussions and interactions are on fire when it comes to the gaming community, gamers also wish to see how a particular game is played, or how experts are played. They mostly prefer to watch out videos before making their purchase decisions for any game. For this purpose, gamers are always on the lookout for gaming-related video content on Twitch, YouTube, etc. To catch this target audience, you need to create videos with relatable content that is equally engaging. Thus, you need to develop an SEO strategy for YouTube. And yes, adding in links to your videos will help you increase traffic too.

Analyze Your Competitors:

The Gaming SEO Sites that are at the top of their game in the gaming industry are not only your competitors, but they are the pros. And no one can provide you better insights into your gaming niche than them. By analyzing your competitors, you’ll know what strategies they are applying, which of them are successful, what are the current trends in the gaming industry etc. Based on all the information you glean from the analysis of your competitors, you can then accordingly undertake your optimization.

Tap Into The Social Media Platform:

No matter to which industry you belong and to which niche; there is no platform like social media to promote your business, website, service, products, blogs, etc. So, make use of the social media platform and create your own community and fan base of gamers. Make proper use of hashtags and add in quality to get viral, increase engagement of gamers, more traffic to your site.

These are some of the SEO Strategies we can suggest for your Gaming site. Following them, you can strategize your optimization plan and rank higher on SERPs

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