Google Ads Vs Facebook Ads: Which Will Get You A Better ROI

Google Ads Vs Facebook Ads: Which Will Get You A Better ROI

58% of purchases by millennials are due to an Online or Social Media Advertisement. Traffic – be it Organic or Paid – is an important aspect of Digital Marketing. And while Organic traffic is more, the Paid traffic is 50% more likely to make a purchase. In short Paid Advertisements bring in high intent traffic and thus provides for higher conversions.

When it comes to Digital Advertisements the two platforms having the most US market share are Google Ads with 37.2% market share and Facebook Ads with 22.1% market share. There are an estimated 7 million advertisers which actively use Facebook Advertising. And while both are good – one a Search Engine platform and another a Social Media platform, as a business you may wonder which to go for. As a Digital Marketing Company, many clients approach us for digital marketing solutions and there is always this ongoing debate of Google Ads vs Facebook Ads. Both are PPC i.e. Pay-Per-Click Ad platforms and the top contenders of Paid Advertisement platforms, however the type of businesses and the purposes they serve varies.  To understand them better, let’s take a look at both of them individually.

Google Ads:

Google Ads is an advertisement platform where in a number of advertisers put a bid on keywords/keyphrases and then pay accordingly in order to display their advertisements on Google’s platform i.e. Google’s Search Engine Result Page (SERPs). Businesses can open Google Ads accounts and create advertisement campaigns – it’s text, the budget for it, etc. all online through this platform. Stats show that on an average, for every $1 spent on Google Ads, $2 revenue is generated. The results of advertising on Google depends on the competition for the keywords you are bidding for, the quality score of your website, the quality of content, and its Click-Through-Rate (CTR).

Facebook Ads

Similar to Google Ads, Facebook Ads too is a digital advertising platform. This #1 social media platform through its Facebook Ads, allows for advertisers to buy space on Facebook’s social media platform to market to 1.5 billion daily users of Facebook. Facebook’s advertisement platform, provides advertisers with self-serve tools which enable target marketing based on demographics of users. You create your ad, set your budget for a click and bid. Facebook Ads appear in the Ad Space on its feed.

Google Ads Vs Facebook Ads


As mentioned earlier, Google Ads and Facebook Ads, even though both being paid advertisement platforms, serve different purposes. The major difference between both is Google Ads are search ads and thus are great for fulfilling the demands or needs of the users, while Facebook Ads are display ads and thus are good at generating the need or demand for their products. Facebook Ads with so large a number of Facebook users, can be utilized to get attention of users to improve your brand awareness; while Google Ads can be utilized to improve sales.

Buying Intent:

Online shoppers with high buying intent will research the web to buy a product/service. If you are able to bid on keywords your potential customers may type in so as to search for your products, your Ad will be visible on Google’s SERP. Thus, Google Ads will get you ready to buy leads. With Facebook Ads on the other hand, there is no search and thus the intent is comparatively lower. Thus, when utilizing Facebook Ads, you can aim for simpler conversions such as giving in details of submitting email ids, or signing ups, or filling out a form, or even a small subscription for newsletters, etc. You can use this information to then further market your products to the users.


Facebook Ads are priced less than Google Ads, and thus are affordable options. Advertisers who are a bit constrained with budget, will find it more viable for creating awareness of their brand. Once they have the attention of their audience, then advertisers can create social media marketing campaigns to effectively convert the leads found thus.  Google Ads are costly but can get you direct sales and thus will get you better ROI

Targeting And Placement:

Facebook Ads allows for highly specific targeting of audiences. It allows a number of targeting parameters which can be used to align the audiences of the ad with the target audience, which will increase the sales. Also, Facebook ads allow for a different ad placement options such as User feeds, streaming videos, stories, streaming videos, Facebook messenger, Instagram feed, Instagram stories, etc.

Types Of Ads:

On Facebook you can put in ads with various ad formats such as text, image, slideshow, carousel, collection, video, canvas, etc. On the other hand Google Ads only include text ads.

Now that you understand the various factors involved in Google Ads vs Facebook Ads including what is the differences in purpose, placement, cost, targeting, etc. of each platform; you can decide for your selves which platform you want to choose for your business. We suggest you go for a combination of both. Ultimately the choice will be yours. Or you could get in touch with us to get our expert advice.

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