Google Is All Set To Release A New Unified Messaging Mobile App

Google Is All Set To Release A New Unified Messaging Mobile App

A report from the Information that requires a subscription claims that Google is working on another messaging app. The Google team from G Suite is in developing a mobile app that collectively brings the functions of various standalone apps that Google already gives into a unifying platform. 

Google reportedly ideates this as an initiative communications app along the same lines as Slack or Microsoft Teams. It is quite similar to the sales pitch given for the "Google Hangouts Chat" service that was created for GSuite in 2018. However, when Google releases messaging services that come and go like the seasons of the year, one cannot expect every single one to have a unique premise.

According to the report, this "new centralized communications app" will incorporate functions from Gmail, Google Drive, Google Hangouts Chat, and Hangouts Meet. Previously invented Slack, already allows users to send messages, share files and do video chats, which covers most of these apps functions. Stretching in features from Gmail, such as the last email you sent the person you are messaging, would be peculiar and genuinely useful. 

The most puzzling thing about this Google service is, as per the reports it is mentioned only as a Mobile app and does not say anything about Desktop app or Web app, which is how many employees essentially use Slack. 

As per the latest news the app will pull in Hangouts Chat features makes us curious about what will happen to the exact Hangouts Chat service. One of the prevailing strategies in Google messaging is to unite Google's biggest user chat platform, Hangouts, with Hangouts Chat, its current initiative chat platform. Despite their similarities in their names, the two apps are unrelated and different from each other. If Hangouts Chat is combining into something else, does that mean the plan to transfer user Hangouts over isn't happening?

It would be Google's tenth messaging app if this service is launched. After a long list of 9 messaging apps from Google as mentioned below:  

  • Google Talk
  • Google Voice
  • Google Buzz
  • Google+ Messenger
  • Hangouts
  • Spaces
  • Allo
  • Hangouts Chat, and Google Messages. 

Google's incapability to adhere with a single messaging platform and its inclination for closing down services has left its users very suspicious of any new messaging app from the company. It's hard to know what messaging apps are holding around and which ones are trending now that will be gone in a year. Messaging apps depend on the network consequences of an authorized and authenticated user base to be useful and when the company is constantly shutting down existing services and popping up new ones, it is very hard to build any user base.


Now that we know, Google is working on a unified mobile application for businesses that collectively brings the functionalities of various standalone apps that the company already offers. This includes Gmail and its online storage service Drive. This move could help Google compete more efficiently with application lines from Microsoft and other big tech giants. 

The new mobile app, which is currently being developed and tested privately at Google, further includes Google’s video conferencing app, Hangouts Meet and Hangouts Chat, a real-time message app, according to the reports. 

The CEO of Google’s cloud unit - Thomas Kurian, addressed the new app at a conference that took place in the middle of January for the unit’s salespeople and business partners, as per the reports. The new messaging app is supposed to be an element of G Suite, the compilation of online productivity software that is managed by the cloud unit, known as Google Cloud.  It’s a welcome development. Why? Because numerous people use Google apps but all these apps have developed on distinct paths and the different options and versions have increasingly produced confusion. It’s time for cleanup and concentration. So let’s hope the tenth go-around is the best one until today.

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