Got A Video Conference? Checklist To Get Ready

Got A Video Conference? Checklist To Get Ready

When we run a business there are many things that walk along. Often may have to deal with international clients or business partners. However, not every time you can visit them for your business meetings. Well, today's digital world has made things pretty simple.

Conducting meetings over the internet has been going on since a long time now. Although, ever since we are stuck in this pandemic, everything has come up online. Carrying out business online is now a daily routine.

We all are catching up with the digital world. Video conferencing now-a-days is very common and this is how people are running their businesses amid this pandemic we are in. Nonetheless, it makes things easy for us.

Video conferences play a major role in businesses. Whether the meeting is with the employees or clients, an optimum video conference is important. We will today list those things which are quite necessary for a video conference to run smoothly. Let's check it out!

A Stable Internet Connection

It is pretty evident that video conference is not possible without an internet connection. However, it is vital that the internet connection you use must be stable enough to take you through your meeting.

With an unstable connection, you may face problems like not being audible or visible and facing numerous glitches. You don't want to ruin your business meeting owing to a bad internet connection. So, make sure that your internet connection is at an optimum speed.


Microphones are one of the basic needs of your conference set-up. You can buy any microphones from cheaper to most expensive ones, the difference is the lifespan and quality of audio. Well, you can't rely on your laptop's microphones because of noise cancellation issues.

If you want the cheapest mic then buy earphones instead, which will work for you and will deliver better quality audio to the other end. Expensive ones include a Rode mic or a proper set up which includes stands. These expensive ones filter out your audio and deliver the best to the other end.

Enough Lighting

The last minute topic or the self realisation during a conference call is good lighting or Enough Lighting. This topic is important because there's no point in video calling if you are sitting in a dark place or with less light.

Lighting in your room should be focused on you such that the lighting conditions can bring your colleagues' attention. When you are clearly visible to your clients or staff, the communication is more transparent and clear to understand.

Good Webcam

WebCam is the most essential part of your conference set-up. While at conferences sometimes it is important to have a WebCam so one can communicate properly and feel free to convey their message. WebCam comes in many variants, from cheaper to the most expensive and advanced one.

The cheaper you will buy you will get low quality of WebCam. If you are attending a meeting then HD WebCam's are highly recommended. Sometimes with low quality webcam, there are a few softwares which can adjust the quality of video and enhance it. Having a quality set-up will always last long.

Digital Business Card

When you attend meetings in person, you always carry your business card so that you can use them whenever necessary. You never know when you may find a client and you may have to handover your details to them.

Now that you attend your business meetings online you can still handover your business card whenever you need. Digital Business Card makes it possible to share your business details even when you are attending a meeting online. So, ensure that you are ready with your digital card for your next video conference.


Whether it is a meeting online or in person, you have to always be prepared for your conference. For a successful conference, preparation plays a major part. You have to make sure that you are prepared for things that could go wrong.

Before you begin with your video conference, make sure that you prepare your set up well in advance. Look for all the things that could go wrong during the conference and prepare yourself with ways to fix those problems. Ensure that you are well prepared before you begin your meeting.

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