How Can Web Design Improve Sales? 5 Ways To Increase Sales With Web Design

How Can Web Design Improve Sales? 5 Ways To Increase Sales With Web Design

While it’s said “don’t judge a book by its cover”, stats show that “If people had to consume content for 15 minutes, 66% of them prefer to look at a beautifully designed website”. Not only that, “For visitors, 94% of the first impressions of your website relates to web design”. These mindboggling higher percentages found in 2020; are indicative that Web design is a rather important factor in your Website’s performance. Who better than us to know the importance of Web Design? We have created a plentiful of utmost satisfied clients by designing their Websites.

If your are still wondering if you’ll end up biting off more than you can chew, and if you should invest in a Web Design Company like us; we would want to let you know that Web Design can be crucial for your sales. Wondering how? Well, another statists show that “75% of the credibility of your website comes from the web design.”  This means that a poorly designed website can make your website look untrustworthy to the visitors. Now you should know the importance of high-quality design for your website. Then how should your design be so as to make visitors believe and invest in you and improve your sales like crazy? Here  is our take on 5 ways in which you can increase your sales with perfect web design.

5 Ways To Increase Sales With Web Design:

Website Speed:

Website Speed is a SEO ranking factor, not only that that it also affects the engagement and response of your website visitors. Google states that on an average, your page load time should not go beyond 3 seconds. A loading time more than that means higher rates of visitors bouncing back. Statistics show that even a single second delay in your page loading time will reduce your page views by 11%, your conversion rate by 7%, and even reduce your customer satisfaction by 16%. That’s a lot of harm done and revenue lost because of merely 1 second. Make sure you design your web page with optimized images, files, codes, etc. to keep your loading time in check.

Mobile Access:

Its 2020 and more than half of internet users access it thorough mobile; while the other half access it through desktop, laptops, tablets. Thus it becomes imperative that you design a mobile which can be accessed through all devices. It is best if you design a Responsive Website i.e. the content within your webpage moves in response to the screen size of the device through which it is accessed. Another option is to design an Adaptive Website i.e. the webpage layout is fixed and designed so as to match different common screen sizes. Either way, you have a website which is accessible through different devices.

Work On The Visuals:

Visuals and imagery of your website is the most engaging and captivating factor of your website and you have a range of choices. While stock images are a viable option, real photos will invoke more trust. Remember to keep your images in high-quality and optimized at the same time. Also, talking about visuals, don’t overcrowd with images, instead keep the design minimal and make proper use of your white space to bring in a modern and fresh look. White space also enables to create a contrast and draw the visitor’s eye to your images, thereby emphasizing them.

Organized Navigation:

A website with organized navigation gives a good user experience and SEO ranking too. Design your website as a flat website structure i.e. the user should be able to reach any webpage within your website in not more than 4 clicks. Also, do make use category and sub-category pages to organize your web structure and navigation. Especially if you are a e-commerce website. If your users are able to find any of your products page easily, it’ll give your customers satisfaction of easy navigation and will lead to easy transaction, and ultimately improve

Implementing Social Share And Follow And CTA Buttons:

Gaining social recognition for your website would mean a world to your sales. So, make sure to put in various Social media share and follow buttons within your website design which will allow visitors to share and follow you, improving your social reach. Also try to highlight your CTA, even add in CTA buttons with animations, to let visitors know what you want them to do and thereby increase conversions and sales.

The above mentioned are some simple Web Designing ways using which you can work on customer engagement with your website and ultimately your sales. Of course there are various aspects within web design such as inclusion of animations, videos, etc. for further improving engagement, and making use of some latest designing trends to make your website look more modern and credible.

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