How Education Apps Are Changing The Future Of Classrooms

How Education Apps Are Changing The Future Of Classrooms

Educational Technology i.e. EdTech has been around for a long time. The 1970’s saw emergence of Computer-based learning (CBL), which was a part of some schools. CBL was a one way communication, where students could interact and learn from the computers. What exists today is Computer-mediated-learning where in the computer/web becomes the medium while the interaction between the students and the teachers. An Education Mobile App take this a step further, it makes learning mobile. So that students can learn anywhere, anytime, and they can interact in real-time. While Mobile applications were invented in the early 1990’s Educational apps are trending more recently in 2020. Let’s discuss the why and how of EdTech, and try to understand what it’ll mean for the future.

It is 2020, and it is impossible not to link the rapid need and increase in technology consumption with the CoronaVirus situation. There is no denying that COVID-19 pandemic is changing the definitions of the education system. The traditional ways of education are in need to be revised. With health being the utmost priority, schools are being on a lock down, and now more than ever, schools, colleges, universities, are exploring alternative options to education. Also, with the pandemic and the need to maintaining social distancing, the parameters of work have also changed. Employees are on a look out to update themselves to fit into the post-COVID world. And this is where you see a number of Education Mobile App coming in providing e-learning options for and student as well as schools, to learn and teach in an interactive way; and even for employees to learn new courses. So, what then are the various advantages

Advantages Of Education Mobile App:

Study Anywhere And Anytime: The best part of Educational Mobile applications is that it creates a virtual classroom that can be accessed from anywhere and anytime. It has broadened the students’ horizon, the schools’ boundaries, as well as study timings. In short, it has a greater reach.

Inculcates Modern Patterns Of Learning: Mobile applications enables e-learning through various factors such as real-time chats; multimedia such as animations, videos, etc; messengers which enable keeping in contact with parents or teachers; chat-bots which gives immediate feedbacks to the students’ queries, scores the papers solved by students, tracking the progress of the boy, etc.

Makes Learning Fun: Mobile applications let the learner adjust their learning pace so that it becomes much more personalized, add to it the audio visual components, and video based learning, and you have a whole new and fun way of learning. It ensures that the learner enjoys what he is learning.

Improves Skills And Efficiency: Without a doubt, education through Mobile App is great for improvement in professional as well as personal efficiency and skills.

The Future Of Classrooms:

Do you know that more than 30% of internet users are children and young adults? It is obvious that the GenY and GenZ are tech savvy and are not only used to, but also relying on technology to get their answers and learn form. With COVID-19 pandemic, the future of classrooms has changed for sure. With the need of maintaining social distance, and the susceptibility to children; evacuated classrooms has become the harsh reality. EdTech allows schools to adapt in these circumstances.

So, what does the future of Classrooms looks like with the invent of Educational Apps tailor made to suit schools by an experienced Mobile App Development Company? You can envision students being able to access classes from anywhere, and teachers and schools being able to connect to students in far more capacity and to a far more distance. You can consider a single classroom as a global school. We can bank upon a global integration for your school. Not only that, teachers will be able to communicate not with merely single classrooms, but with multiple classrooms.

Artificial Intelligence being integrated into the Mobile Applications is going to be greatest game changer. It’ll be able to integrate with the study resources, and thus evaluate the response to them. Thus, it’ll be able to determine for the teacher, how the students are understanding the resources. Not only that, it’ll be able to prepare the progress graph of students; which will help the teachers understand and evaluate every students performance. Also, it’ll help determine the learning curve of the students and will create self-reliant and personalized learning for them. Chatbots is an feature which when added to your Education Mobile App helps students with their curiosity and enables answering them at anytime.

So, this is the vision of our future classrooms that we envision. The influence of EdTech, and specially the involvement of education apps signifies a new era in educational technology.

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