How Hotel Apps Are Transforming The Hospitality Industry?

How Hotel Apps Are Transforming The Hospitality Industry?

What is hospitality? Let’s see what the experts say. Danny Meyer, the CEO of Union Square Hospitality Group and a NYC Restauranteur, puts it in rather simple words – “Hospitality is present when something happens for you. It is absent when something happens to you. Those two simple prepositions – for and to – express it all.” In crux, Hospitality is all about service – for the guests. Hospitality has been around the world forever. Especially in India, where ‘Atithi Devo Bhava’ meaning ‘Guest is God’ has been rooted in its tradition. Since ages, the hospitality industry has been about hiring the right people who have humility and service well, and work on the simple mantra of ‘Guests’ come first. However, with time the definition of this industry is going under a lot of change. Many people travel far and stay at hotels for business purposes too. So, the hospitality industry today is more required to be timely, and accurate along with being great at service, always there for the guest, and still come up plans to promote themselves too. 

Technology is again at rescue here, providing aid to hospitality industry, so that they can give a seamlessly perfect service. The advent of Mobile Apps for Hotel Industry has been the game changer here. If you are in this Industry, you need to get yourself updated with a Mobile App right now. You say why? Well, there is no denying the dependence of individuals on mobile phones and inadvertently mobile apps. About 80% of people plan for their outings from their mobile devices. They can do it comfortably in their own settings, at their convenient time, and simply with few clicks. So, why won’t they love to use a mobile app to book with you? So, why not approach a well established and experienced Mobile App Development Company to get an app developed for you? After all giving your customers what they expect is what a business should do. Also, your competitors are already out there with their mobile apps set, and earning profits. Not only that, the travel and tourism industry mobile apps are among the most downloaded ones, they rank 7th. Now that you the need for Mobile Apps for Hotel Industry, and for you if you are one; let’s try to understand how it is going to transform your business, and industry at a large.

The Future With Mobile Apps For Hotel Industry:

VR Tech To Promote:

Virtual Reality is a great technology. Integrating VR within your mobile app will enable you to present a tour of your hotel room, restaurant, etc. to your customers almost reality-like. Instead of a simple few photos VR videos will let people know the experience of what it would be like being your customers. Not only that, you can even show how hygienically you and your staff maintains your rooms, restaurants, etc. This becomes a need, especially in a Post- COVID world.

Self-service In Demand:

While hospitality is a service industry, face-to-face interactions and service has been its strong point. However, Mobile Applications are changing this. It has made booking their rooms, restaurant seats, spa appointments, as well as checking in and out possible within few clicks. There is no need to stop and interact at the reception, or even a making a call. Customers, who have just travelled a long distance, would always prefer this option. Again, social distancing being prevalent in the Post-CoronaVirus situation, it will be an unavoidable need.

The Big Data Enabling Personalized Service:

No matter which industry you belong to, your customers are going to loved personalized service. Within the hospitality industry, this need is much more.  Hiring talented people who know every customer staying at your hotel and knowing them has had been prevalent. Mobile Apps will get for your all the data about each and every customers so that your will have available all the information on them, right from which room they are staying in, when they checked in, when they are checking out, the purpose of their visit- leisure or business, their interests, to which food they are allergic to. Each and every staff of your hotel, restaurant, etc. will have access to this information. They will know at what time the food is to be served, at what time the guest will not be occupying the room so that it can be cleaned, etc. This is going to create a highly personalized service providing hospitality industry.

Managing Human Resource Becomes Easy:

With your mobile app enabling bookings, checking in, etc. you are going to require less staff on the front. Thus, you can utilize your human resource in other places where there are more needed. Also, whenever you get a new staff, you need to spend time and resources in training them. You can utilize the app to prepare training tutorials for your staff. In short, you can look forward to managing human resources becoming easier.

In Touch With Your Customers 24*7:

With your mobile apps, you can be in touch with your customers 24*7. There are chances of your customers belonging to different time zones. In situations like this, with applications, they can be able to connect to you any time of the day. Apps integrated with Chatbots makes it more easy. Whatever doubts, questions the customers have, they can get their doubts cleared by interacting with your Chatbot.

Earning Loyal Customers:

Customer Loyalty Programs is another of the features which can be included within Mobile applications. It allows you to introduce loyalty rewards to your customers. Thus, whenever they book with you, they are rewarded with some deals, or points, etc. within the app. This makes them want to be your loyal customers to get more such benefits. Also, you can push personalized notifications to your customers whenever you are giving out great deals.

In this post- COVID world, the definitions of hospitality industry are already changing. As someone belonging to this industry, thus there is a need to adapt accordingly. Getting your own mobile applications developed from a Mobile App Development Company seems like a great option, rather it seems more like an unavoidable option. It is the future of the hospitality industry.

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