How Is Digital Transformation Changing Marketing?

How Is Digital Transformation Changing Marketing?

The rise of the internet and the proliferation of digital, not just as a tool and technology, but also as a media format, have had some profound and unexpected effects in this 21st century life. While everyone expected that digital technology would make things quicker, what few people predicted correctly was the social impact that the digital media, combined with online connectivity, would actually have.

When it comes to the world of marketing, going digital has undoubtedly had massive consequences. Now, the properties of digital media such as more accurate metrics, combined with the interactivity, have created whole new level of different marketing opportunities.

Hence, there is no doubt that digital technology can play a very powerful role as a marketing tool but what about the digital transformation? What is this doing to change the way how marketing works? Well, in this article, we will dig deep to take a closer look at the implications of it. Below are the few mentioned points that will expound how digital transformation is changing marketing:

  • The Unavoidable Change

While the term “digital transformation” might sound like a nebulous concept, the results are pretty much easy to comprehend. We, at Techasoft, have been experiencing them for many years and are now seeing an accelerated pace of changes that have come across.

When people in professional fields talk about the concept digital transformation, they are actually talking about how digital technology is understood, and then applied and integrated into our everyday work life including the tasks, whether that is at daily, individual employee level or the broader sense of entire business operations.

At an individual and micro level, digital transformation might be something as efficient as electronic health records in the medical, wellness of health sector. The transition to digital records just makes this data even more accessible, faster to process, as well as it increases the likelihood of health professionals being able to make more quicker and informed decisions.

On an industry level scale, the digital transformation has already shown what wonders it can do for businesses such as Amazon, Flipkart and Uber. These businesses have taken conventional business concepts, like retail sales and then applied innovative digital tools and technologies that have left the competition behind.

Generally, digital transformation is usually looked at as a whole for how it is affecting the world of business. In the area of marketing, specifically, it can bring about very exciting and profitable changes for those with broad vision.

  • The Digital Funnel

One of the first points where digital transformation influences marketing is the funnel, which is a traditional concept that marketers use to map out the actions potential customers can make, taking a multi-stage journey that eventually results in committing to an real purchase.

Before the advent of digital technology, the marketing funnel was quite straightforward and, in some ways, was inviolable too. The five stages of it includes the following:

Awareness – This is the stage where consumers first realize that you are offering a product or service that they may be looking for at that moment.

Interest – This is the second stage when a shopper does further research to verify whether your business meets their needs and requirements or not.

Consideration – If they find themselves interested in buying your product or service, at this stage they are now taking a serious interest.

Intent – This is the stage when they start building towards a decision in a business's favor since they feel they need to buy that particular product or service.

Decision – This is the final stage when a consumer is converted into a customer after making a purchase from your organization.

At nearly each and every stage, in a pre-digital marketing world, a business could only create marketing materials and then hope for the best in it. Due to the digital transformation, these steps now give a business a much greater amount of control in the process giving marketers a multi stage interactivity and analytics.

  • Personalization Is Possible

One of the most effective and efficient ways that the digital transformation has changed the way the marketing works is that it can easily personalize content to individual customers.

Because of the combination of metrics and interactivity, it is now highly possible to track the actions and behavior of the customers at an individual level, and then take that data to offer a personalized marketing response.

Marketing experts in today's time no longer need to guess at where consumer interest may lie when their interest is being tracked on social media platforms.

  • Data Is King

The single and the biggest 'blind spot' in marketing before the digital transformation was the lack of high quality and actionable data for marketing experts to make big decisions. Once a poster is posted for a subway station or a commercial for television is produced, there is no perfect way to engage the effectiveness of that marketing tool. Questions like - How many people saw that poster? How many people watched the commercial on television? get no answers in poster content marketing but in digital world, each and every thing can be known accurately.

  • Interactivity is Revolutionizing Marketing

Digital transformation has had a huge and unprecedented impact on interactivity. Unlike conventional media, such as film, television and music, digital media is interactively giving people more choice over what they want to consume, how they want to consume it, and who they want to share it with.

Digital transformation can potentially affect a wide spectrum of business' operational and marketing activities. The main key here is to understand what is involved, learn from digital leaders across various sectors and make sure that your company has the updated technology, processes and talent in house to progress as well as thrive. We, at Techasoft, are known as one of the leading Digital Marketing Company and you can contact us anytime for digital marketing or other IT related services.

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