How Much Does It Cost To Build A Website For A Small Business?

How Much Does It Cost To Build A Website For A Small Business?

Your website is the virtual store on the internet, whether you operate offline, online or both hence every business needs to invest a decent amount on professional web design. Most people do not have an idea about website development cost and the total cost of building a website will be based according to your personal budget and their goals. In this blog, we’ll show how much it will originally cost to build a website for small business from scratch. 

For building a website for small business, approximately a person need to spend between $2000 to $ 10,000 to build a professional site. The cost spends on creating a website for your business will be based on your site’s features. A website with advanced features such as customized websites will cost more due to its complex features.

What Is The Average Cost To Build A Website For Small Businesses?

For creating a website for a small business, a person needs to spend around $2000 to $10,000. This average amount includes various factors such as purchasing your domain name, website hosting plan, designing a website, and building a website. The total amount of costs to build your website will depend on its features, complexity, and size.

The below are the top factors that influence your web design cost.

Domain Name

Your domain name is simply your online address as your physical address and you need to spend around $0.95 – $12 for setting domain name. You can also purchase domain names from popular companies such as HostGator, Dreamhost and GoDaddy, etc.

Website Hosting 

You should need a website hosting plan to improve your visibility in the online medium because website hosting company power your company and make them easily appear in the digital medium. You need to spend around $24 to $24,000 per year to hire a Webhosting provider for your business.

SSL Certificate 

SSL means Secure Sockets Layer certificate that is used to protects your website and its visitor’s data. You have to pay approximately $0 – $1500 per year to receive your SSL certificate and in some cases, you can get the certificate free of cost.


Design is the main factor that makes your appeal and design cost vary around $2000 – $15,000 depending on your need, and requirement because some want simple design while some other company needs high-end layout.
Number of pages
You need to spend a certain amount between $1000 – $5000 depends on website size. For example, an E-commerce store may require over 100 pages to demonstrate their products and a service-based company should have less than 10 pages.


Functionality consists of several features, with most focusing on eCommerce capabilities and if your company needs to accept online payments or orders. If your company offers services such as landscaping, plumbing, or home maintenance, you can also include online payments. For setting up functionality features in web design you need to spend around $2000 to $25,000.


CMS is a software that is used for an organization to create, manage, and update website content without coding knowledge. You need to spend approximately $2000 to $25,000 and it varies depends on your customization.

Online Marketing 

If you spend a certain amount on online marketing then you can easily turn visitors into customers, increase your online traffic, and can easily increase your Ranking in the SERPs listings.

Search Engine Optimization 

If you are running a commercial website then you need to spend a certain amount of SEO tactics to promote your business and service.

Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Advertising

You will notice PPC ads on the sidebar of Google SERPs listing, below youtube videos, on banners and footers on many websites. It is the best way to get organic traffic naturally and you will pay for every ad clicked. You need to spend around $100 per month to $1,000 per month based on your ad size.

Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)

CRO can enhance website conversions with call-to-action (CTA) strategies such as newsletters, sign-up sheets, buttons, landing pages, and other options. To ensure better functionality of your website, you need to test with A/B testing and for that test, you have to spend around $300 to $600.


Your website should have proper content to represent your product and service in the online medium. You should make your website optimized by including blogs, articles, and feedback at a specified interval of time. You should have to spend around $50 to $500 based on the content you use on your website.

Social Media Marketing (SMM)

Social media marketing means promoting your products and services in social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Linkedin. It is the best method to gain attention from people for both small and medium scale industries. You have to spend around $400 to $20,000 on average.


After the completion of website development, we need to spend a certain amount for maintaining the website which can range from $500 to $12,000 yearly.


Website development cost may vary depends upon your complexity of your website features and size. It requires a lot of time and you need to spend a lot of effort to design a professional site. Hence we advise you to hire a website development company to build a modern and professional website that generates a higher number of leads and sales for your business.

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