How restaurants can use a loyalty app to engage customers?

How restaurants can use a loyalty app to engage customers?

Under no circumstances we can deny the fact that technology has a lot of potentials to help a business grow without taking into regard that what the business is and this is the reason why more and more restaurants are increasingly using app technology to help their business grow and engage the customers. If the mobile app is used correctly it can help the customers to get an easy access about a wide range of information of your restaurant and at the same time it can be used as a brilliant marketing tool.

Moreover it is also said that “a mobile loyalty app can keep the customers keep coming back to your restaurant for more and the most successful loyalty apps reward their customers for continued business.”


Restaurants ask Mobile app development companies to build restaurant web applications for them so that they can use these apps mainly to gather information about the customers and also so that they can use this information to serve their customers better the next time.


 Also, at the same time it should be kept in mind that the apps can even be simply a waste of money and resources if the customers don’t really use it so the app should be designed accordingly. The app you are building for your restaurant should have certain features so that it successfully engages the customers and helps to enhance your business. The main features that 'must' for restaurant applications are   – Functionality, Customer engagement, Rewards and Incentives and Feedback.

Here are some qualities that a good and engaging restaurant application should contain.

1) Using the restaurant app should be both easy and funThe apps should provide a more personal experience to the customers than the punch cards. The apps are much in demand as they provide data and interaction with the customer and that too on their personal mobiles which nowadays no person likes to keep it at a distance from himself and herself. The restaurant mobile apps should provide a great user experience and should have the options like online ordering and payment. The app should also be able to track the location on its own so that it can detect the nearest restaurant location. The app may include games like teaching some culinary skills and may also reward them with discounts. Discounts and offers are a great way to keep customers engaged.

2) Mobile Ordering, Payments and Take awayCustomers love comfort, so make sure that the app designed for your restaurant should have the options of online order and payment, where the customer just need to push the button and the food is ordered. Also options for the reservation of table at the restaurant can be made available so that the customers can reserve table for themselves for whenever they want. The mobile app should also contain important phone numbers and opening and closing hours of the restaurant should be mentioned.

3) The Menu should not be hiddenMake the menu visible so that the customers can select the food they want to order and not just assume that whether a certain dish is available in your restaurant or not. You can also help the customers with the dishes by categorizing them into different genre like starters, main course - Thai, Italian or Chinese and also the desserts. The price should also be mentioned.

4) Show the customers that you value them and care for them: The customers should be shown that you care for them and this can be done by keeping them engaged regularly via various discounts, offers and also by providing some unique experiences which is hard to forget. You can also send them push notifications informing them how close they are to earn discounts or some free items. Experiences like these are difficult to forget. For instance if they earn discount or free item they may even inform their friend about this as it may lead to more customers.

5) Ask the customers to give feedbackThe app should be used to get the feedback of the customers about their experience of using the app and also about the food. This can help you know what the customer desires for and will also help you to serve them better.


Loyalty apps are more prevalent these days whether to order food or to promote a restaurant. If you haven’t yet designed an app for your restaurant or if you haven’t planned about it yet then you are missing out a great marketing tool which may help your business to grow immensely.

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