How To Attract Real Instagram Followers?

How To Attract Real Instagram Followers?

How to Attract Real Instagram Followers

Selling goods online requires marketing. Even if you have quality products and a platform to sell them, the odds of customers stumbling upon your website randomly and purchasing your goods are low.

In recent years, Instagram has emerged as a good marketing channel to find customers. According to Hootsuite, there are about 1,15 billion users on the platform, making it one of the most popular social media sites.

A brand may establish its presence on Instagram and start promoting products to followers. Selling directly on the platform is an option. For example, you could upload your products to Gumroad and connect the service with Instagram.

If you are put off by Gumroad's transaction fee policy, there is Sellfy—a Gumroad alternative with no transaction fees that also offers social media integrations. Uploading a product and sharing it with an audience will redirect interested customers to a landing page where they can purchase your goods on Sellfy.

With that said, you should not expect to monetize your Instagram account right off the bat. No, you will first need to attract followers and gain their trust.

Focus on Content Quality

Lackluster content will not cut it, especially if you are in a competitive niche. If a brand wants to establish itself on Instagram and attract followers, it needs to emphasize content quality. Be it high-quality photos, professionally edited videos, infographics, studies, or polls, or other content; the content needs to have quality to interest Instagram users.

Stick to a Schedule When Posting

When starting out on Instagram, it is important to find out when to publish content. One of the goals of Instagram content is to attract the most engagement.

Spend a month or so to determine when your posts get the most engagement. The majority of your audience might be more active during the afternoon or the evening rather than in the morning, and vice-versa.

Once you have the information, stick to a schedule and try not to miss the time to post because your followers will expect to see new content after you establish your posting schedule.

Engage With Followers

Showing your Instagram audience that you care about them is another great strategy to get more engagement and attract new followers.

Respond to comments, organize polls, organize giveaways, publish user-generated content, share exclusive behind-the-scenes footage, tease upcoming products and other news.

Create Compelling Captions

How to Attract Real Instagram Followers

Compelling captions are difficult to come up with if you lack copywriting skills. It is no secret that many Instagram pages hire professional copywriters who create catchy captions.

Think of captions as ad copies. Great ad copies increase conversions, whereas lackluster copies get ignored. It is similar to Instagram captions. You are more likely to get attention from potential new followers if they find your post captions interesting.

Optimize Instagram Bio

Creating a professionally looking Instagram bio is trickier than one might expect. You want to make a good first impression on Instagram users who discover your page.

First, you need to optimize the profile's name. Let the audience know what the page is about. If you are an individual rather than a business, use your real name. For a brand account, a brand's name is the way to go.

Explain what the business does. You could also include relevant keywords to improve searchability on Instagram.

Another thing to note is that Instagram lets you put a clickable URL in the bio. Do not miss that, as this clickable URL could be a powerful tool to redirect followers to your website.

Getting a bit creative could be a good approach as well. If you add emojis or text spaces to the bio, it might be a good way to show off your personality.

Collaborate With Influencers

How to Attract Real Instagram Followers

Collaborations with influencers are great if you want to attract more followers to your page. It is no surprise to see so many brands working with established celebrities on Instagram and other channels.

The method works because social media users follow influencers and trust them. A simple shoutout from an influencer could lead to new followers for your page.

In case you find it difficult to work with A-tier celebrities, shift your focus toward micro-influencers as well. There is no reason to be put off by lower follower numbers. If anything, micro-influencers still get great overall engagement on their content, and they will not ask as much for promotional posts.

Include Relevant Hashtags

Instagram uses hashtags to sort content. Including relevant hashtags in your post will help you reach your target audience. In addition, hashtags help potential followers discover your page. Such Instagram users are more likely to engage with your content because they discover it by using hashtags in Instagram's search section.

Increasing Instagram likes can be achieved by following these strategies:

High-quality Content: Focus on creating visually appealing and engaging content that stands out. Use high-resolution images, captivating captions, and relevant hashtags.

Consistency: Post regularly to keep your followers engaged and maintain visibility. Find a posting schedule that works for you and stick to it.

Engage with Others: Interact with your followers and the Instagram community. Respond to comments, like and comment on others' posts, and use relevant hashtags to attract new audiences.

Collaborate: Partner with other influencers or brands in your niche for cross-promotion. This exposes your content to a wider audience and increases the likelihood of more likes.

Call-to-Action: Encourage your followers to like and share your posts by using compelling call-to-action phrases like "Double tap if you agree" or "Tag a friend who needs to see this."

Improve Likes: Likes on Instagram can improve your brand’s engagement numbers. When you buy likes for Instagram you get more engagement on your profile which means more reputation. Instagram likes are a good metric to measure your success.

Remember, authenticity and providing value to your audience are key. Building a genuine connection with your followers will lead to increased engagement and likes over time.

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