How To Become A Web Developer - Everything You Need To Know

How To Become A Web Developer - Everything You Need To Know

If you have landed here, you surely are thinking about ‘How to Become a Web Developer?’ We commend you – you have reached the right place, this is the right time, and you are of the right age to become one too. Wait! Now don’t comment that we don’t know your age, because when it comes to learning tech skill, age is not a barrier. You are never too old to learn website development. And now that it’s 2020, and we all are going Online (Let’s forget about the CoronsVirus which is another reason); Web development surely is becoming a rather attractive career choice. All things said, now that this idea has taken root in your mind, let’s take a look at the basics. First things is,

Who is a web developer and what does he do?

Web development consists of everything which is included in developing and maintaining websites as well as applications for – the internet which is the World Wide Web and the intranet which is a private network. A web developer thus, builds websites and web applications by making use of code. They create a complete website based on the design which the client or design team puts forth. Thus, they make use of programming language i.e. those which a computer understands and create a website which appears in a language understood by humans. Today there are more than 1 billion websites.

What is web development future and what is a web developer career salary?

Some of you may wish to learn website development merely as a hobby. But if you are not, you should first have a career outlook for the profession. 380 new websites are developed per minute – that is a rather large demand for web development. And the positive point is that the demand is on an increase. Everyone, every business wants a website, actually it has gone beyond a mere want and has become a need of the day. With more demand, the compensation is more too.

A Web developer career salary in India varies in scale according to the company you work, what type of web developer you are, etc. however you can expect a minimum of 3 Lac per annum. Of course, if you are thinking of freelancing, or starting your own business, the money in your hand will differ. If you are envisioning a career in Website development, you will need to start by attending some Web development courses based upon the career option that you choose for your selves.

What are Web developer career options?

Well, if you wish Learn website development, first and foremost, you need to fully understand what Web developer career options are available to you. Web Development is a broad concept and while its sole purpose is developing a website/application, there are various aspects to website creation. So, that there are different types of Web Developers who carry out different tasks of development. You can choose to become either one of them.

Front-end Developers: Front-end developers are those who are responsible for development of all the visible features – the navigation, layout, etc – of a website. Thus, they will make sure that website content is in right place, is visible, the font, the colour, the background, etc. all are right and in the right place too. Front-end Development is that aspect of a website which the end users/clients will interact with. Hence, front-end developer is also referred to as Client-Side developer. They take develop the code required to implement the web design on the web.

Back-end Developers: Back-end developers are those who are responsible for development of all the behind the scenes factors such as how a website is loaded and run. Thus, they develop programs and codes for the databases, applications, and server of the website. Back-end Development is that aspect of a website which the server will interact with. Hence, cack-end developer is also referred to as Server-Side developer.

Full-Stack Developer: Full-stack developers are those who have the understanding and knowledge of both the processes – the front end development as well as back end development. In short, they are capable of overlooking a complete web development project. Full-Stack developers are in demand for small projects, or projects with small budgets.

Software Developer: Other than Website Development, you can focus on becoming a software developers, thus developing software instead of website.

Mobile Developer: You can become a Mobile App developer to run across Android or iOS platforms.

Now that you know all the Web developer career options available to you, you can choose one which you want. You can choose to become a software developer too. Make your choice based on the purpose that you wish to become a web developer – To become a freelance developer, to start your own business, to work for a company, to become a consultant, or even as a hobby, etc.

What tools will you need?

If you are to become a Web Developer, as you start learning for it; there are some basic tools you require they include the following –

First and foremost, you will require a Computer – desktop/laptop/PC with an Operating System running on it – Windows/Linux/MacOS.

You’ll require a web browser of course. You can chose Chrome or even Firefox that will depend on you.

You’ll also require a text editor program which enables you to create as well as edit programming language files

A Command Line Interface (CLI) or a Terminal is required too in which you can type your commands.

What are the skills required of you as a web developer?

Let’s revise – you have decided to become a Web developer, you understand Website development future, you know the career options available to you, and also have an idea of the tools you will require. Now you need to understand the skill requirement for becoming a successful Web Developer.

Coding Languages: Learning coding languages is a must for both the Front-end Developer as well as Back-end Developer. Today there are a number of Coding Apps available out there – some of them even free – which teach Coding. You can opt for them, however if you are seriously considering Web development as a career, we suggest you go for learning from proper Web development courses.

As a front-end developer, you will need to master HTML or Hyper Text Markup Language, CSS or Cascading Style Sheets and JavaScript coding languages. As a front-end developer, you will need to master PHP or Hypertext Pre-processor, Python, Java, JavaScript coding languages.

HTML and CSS are used for the structure, styling, and layout of the user interface. They help in developing the final presentation of the page such as the font, colour, etc.

comes with great features and functions which enables adding some interactive features within website including audio, video, animation, etc

PHP is a server-side language, and need not be installed in client applications. It is free, flexible and importantly easy to learn, and thus great for freelancing

JavaScript & CSS Framework & pre-processors: CSS and JavaScript Frameworks are pre-existing basic structures which makes coding easier. Instead of starting the CSS and JavaScript coding from the absolute zero, frameworks provide a code file framework from which you can further develop your work. Examples include Tailwind CSS, Bootstrap, Bulma, Materilize, Angular JS, Meteor JS, Vue, etc.

CSS and JavaScript pre-processors process text, to turn them into something different before the browser. Thus Pre-processors pre-processes output data from input data. They similar to frameworks make coding flexible and agile. If you have knowledge of pre-processors, you can put commands using their language so as to convert code into CSS language.

There are frameworks and per-processors for various coding languages. JavaScript & CSS are both used for front-end development. You can choose the frameworks and per-processors of the server-side programming language which you have learned as a back-end developer.

Performance: The time your website takes to load is an important part of website development. If your website takes long time to load, you’ll have users bouncing back, adversely affecting traffic, conversions, and ROI for website owners. Thu, it becomes necessary, that your website loads within 3seconds or less. There are various methods of achieving this. Minifying of your CSS and JS files for optimization is a skill you need to learn. This will automatically top your website speed.

Version control: As a web developer when are working on a source code, and something goes wrong; starting from the start again can become problematic. If you learn the skill of Version control; you’ll be able to erase your recent work and go back to previous version and find out what was wrong so as to improve on it.

Responsive Design: Google has gone mobile first in 2020, not only that approximately half of the web traffic accesses them through mobile. In this case, it becomes important that the Websites developed are mobile friendly i.e. they have a Responsive Design. Thus, the layout of the website will adapt itself according to the screen of any device through which it is accessed. Skills for developing such Responsive Websites is a skill which you will need as a Web Developer.

Content Management System: Content Management System or CMS can be used so as to add content onto your website. Thus learning to Operate will thus be a skill you’ll require. If you are a freelancer, this skill will be extra helpful. You can even build websites using CMS such as WordPress, Drupal, etc. WordPress today powers 35% of internet. This means more clients want to develop WordPress websites. And if you are skilled in CMS, there will be increasing demand for you.

Testing: Debussing is an important aspect in the web development process. You may be a front-end developer or a back-end developer; before deployment you need to test for bugs – both while developing and after completion of development. Acquire skills in testing, and testing frameworks which by the way will help in speedily testing. You should be able to test and debug your work.

Deployment: As a front end developer, you need to learn how you can deploy your website on Internet. Thus, you need to learn Registration of Domain, Managed as well as Hosting, etc. As a back end developer, make sure you have knowledge of – CLI use, App hosting, virtualization, etc.

Designing and Photoshop: This skill is rather optional and not an absolute need to learn. Still, you can learn the use of software such as Design Software Sketch, Photoshop, etc. While Web Designing and Web Developers are not same, it will be good if you have some knowledge about UI i.e. User Interface and UX which is

Soft skills: If you become a freelancer or start your business, or even if you work for a company; as a Web development, you need to be good at your Communication skills. After all, you’ll be communicating with the clients, or even the designer team. This skills are ones which you cannot skip upon.

What qualifications web developers required?

By now you should be clear on what you’ll be doing as a web developer, what are the tools you will require, what are the skills you will require, how much you will earn, etc. If you are wondering if you require any qualifications, well there are no such specifications. Just learn the above mentioned skills and let them speak for you. If you are able to show that you have all the skills required of web developer, you’ll be selected. It is as simple as that


That’s it people, this was our guide on How to Become a Web Developer everything you need to know before you decide. As a Website development company in Bangalore we have been developing websites along with hiring qualified and expert Web Developers. This guide was prepared on the basis of our work in this field. Do go through the whole thing; and if you think you are ready to face it, All the best!

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