How To Build An E-Commerce Website Like Flipkart Or Amazon

How To Build An E-Commerce Website Like Flipkart Or Amazon

Are you aspiring to be part of the player in the E-Commerce market place? We are sure a hundred of questions would be popping up in your mind. What should I do with idea and how I would be part of this market place? If similar questions are nagging you, the information below will surely help you to know how you can be part of and grow your business online.

To develop E-Commerce websites like Amazon, Alibaba, and Flipkart is undoubtedly a feat of its own. If we consider the metric data, the future E-Commerce sales is predicted to be in trillions, and so this time is the best to create websites like Amazon and Flipkart. With this huge popularity for online marketplace websites and applications today, various retailers and start up companies are considering to develop their own marketplace like E-Commerce websites of Amazon, Flipkart, Alibaba, etc.


Why We Need To Build An E-Commerce Website Like Flipkart?

On observing the progress of Flipkart over the years, your next question would be how to start working on a website like Flipkart? But before getting an answer to this very question, it is totally worth understanding why Flipkart type of websites stand out in the market. Flipkart makes sure that the most robust payment system is there for customers. Moreover, it also allows customers to rate and review the vendors and their product. The facilities of easy return, replace or refund also add value to the Flipkart service. Now let us know how to build a website like Flipkart and Amazon. So here is a list of features that make E-Commerce giants stand tall in the market.


Features Of The Websites Of E-Commerce Giants

The creative and catchy brand logo

This is the first thing that public, investors and vendors look at. So hire a website design and development company which helps you in choosing a trendy brand logo like that of Amazon and Flipkart.

UI and UX design

To be a top notch website does not really require any sparkling designs, animations, and all that affects the website loading speed. It should rather be so simple like Amazon that loads the pages quickly. Create a website like Amazon that is based on the latest web design trends by which the users can easily navigate through the web pages, browse conveniently, and use your e-store efficiently.


Security is the key to any business’ success and hence, encrypt all the data related to the products, vendors, users, payments, and other important information. In this way, the hackers won't be able to decipher it even though they have stolen your private data. Keep your security at place and this will just help everyone trust your brand even more.


Hosting holds prime prominence in E-Commerce websites and as online stores have a huge stack of pages and products, it becomes quite difficult to maintain the fast page loading speed at all times. So we recommend that you create a website like Flipkart that has a quick page loading speed. Opt for a server either Virtual Private Server which is also known as VPS or Amazon Web Server known as AWS that handles a lot of users, products and all the data securely.

Cart Features

Amazon allows easy and hassle free checkouts and payment gateway processing. This in turn enables users for automation of payment that saves a lot of time by avoiding the provision of details for each and every transaction. Make sure to provide a simple UX especially while in the order placing stage.

Revenue sharing module

Amazon and Flipkart provide a revenue sharing module by allowing the third-party vendors and sellers to share profits by allowing commissions on reselling so you can also do the same with minor changes that proves to be beneficial for your company.

Launching and Marketing of Site

Once you are done customizing your website design, you will be ready to launch your e-store. To develop an E-Commerce website similar to that of Flipkart does not really end with its launch. You need to promote your website to reach your target audience and customers. Keep doing things that increase visibility, credibility and brand of your company.


How Amazon Has Improved Its Monetization?

Subscriptions, multiple payment options, reseller sales, fulfillment of shipping fees, and many more things are the most prominent monetization sources of Amazon. You can not design and develop a top notch E-commerce website on your own so we recommend you to take the help of a website development company like us that makes your dream a reality.



Creating an E-Commerce website is a perfect way to keep your business competitive and increase access to your business offerings. Engaging users with innovative solutions, pleasant UX and responsiveness just adds success to an E-Commerce website. Flipkart and Amazon meet all these requirements up to the mark and that is how they have become the prominent E-Commerce websites all over the world. Hire our E-commerce Development Company and we will keep all these things in mind while designing your E-Commerce website. To sum up our service, we will develop a website like Amazon or Flipkart for you and imprint your brand as another or Moreover, businesses really need to focus on continuous and rigorous efforts in regular monitoring, testing, launch and promotion, and finally marketing of the website. And in all the steps, we will be with you so feel free to discuss about your website development with us.

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