How To Design A Beautiful Web Page That Ranks On Google

How To Design A Beautiful Web Page That Ranks On Google


The design of the website or the webpage is the main factor to be taken in mind while having the concept of designing the webpage. When the audience looks at your site they should get attracted by the design of your webpage. It indirectly encourages your business by increasing the target audience. In this competitive environment, several companies are growing randomly so it is a must to get placed in the top position in the digital platforms. If your design, theme, font color, images, and videos used are eye-catchy it made your business as a brand by making well known among visitors. Many website designs and website development companies are skilled in making beautiful designs for their customers. Among them, Techasoft is the website design company in Bangalore famous in designing and developing a website according to the customer needs and requirements. It is the top SEO company in the area. They also offering a solution to various SEO problems to get top in the google ranking. If your company practices good SEO tactics and has a beautiful webpage it can conquerer customers worldwide. It is an important strategy to shine on the digital platform. 

Here we are providing below tips to beautifully design the webpage that results in good ranking in the Google Search engine page.

  • Maintain The Design Balanced

Balance the design and achieve symmetry or asymmetry. Be careful about the page layout or else the design becomes unbalanced. Manipulate the design in many ways such as color, size and the removal and addition of elements. If you concentrate on symmetrical balance in design it strongly attracts the customer. Place the visual weight of the design so that it can attract the customer.

  • Divide Using Grids

These grids are related to that of balance and they are the series of vertical and horizontal rulers. Compartmentalize design makes the page content very easy to read and make sure to use the golden ratio and structuring of elements.

Even the visually not applicable images can turn attractive after using grids.

  •  Choose Base Colors

Choosing correct colors plays a very important role in the creating of a website. To attain high quality and the professional site you should choose the correct color scheme. If your colors are chosen is not up to the mark audience may find it out less attractive and leave the page without looking at the content of the page. There are three types of color namely primary, secondary and tertiary. If you use the color correctly it can help you to achieve a perfect mix of colors on your webpage hence there is unimaginable relationship with color and human emotions. It has the ability to control the human mind and the human mind can react based on colors. Bold color can make mind stronger, as well as dull colors can make us weaker.

  • Use Graphics Wisely

Graphics are the main factors to help communicate or explain the concept visually and it helps to attract viewer interest and attention. It should match with purpose, content, and information of the webpage. It should help the viewers to know the inner content of the page. While using text in graphics there should be a contrast between the background and text.

  • Upgrade Websites Typograph

It plays a very important role in website design. Make sure it should match the mood of the design. Most of the design success lies in the topography of the webpage. Always use standard fonts and avoid using more than 3 types of fonts. Choose the perfect type of space to fit all types of resolutions. Provide permissible spacing between the lines and avoid less spacing. Avoid common typing mistakes and provide better quality content.

  • Add White Space Around Them

Elements can stand out from the crowd by adding white space around them and it is also called negative space. It provides the text for some breathing space. It should look simple. For providing better readability paragraphs should have white space that looks like cutoff noise.

  • Make All Elements Together

 The design we use should imply both consistency and unity in terms of color, font and icons, etc. when it is inconsistent it can create a bad user experience. Different elements in the design should interact and fit together. Color and graphics should fit with each other. Like glue, connections should bind each other like balance, grid, white space and graphics together


These are tips provide by Techasoft to design a beautiful webpage. If your webpage can easily wide range of the audience that can result in conversion rate which can naturally increase website traffic. Which can increase the higher business rate and result in better branding of the trade? The answer is a better and beautiful webpage This can make your page get in the top pages of the SERPs rating.

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