How to Develop a Multiple Domain SEO Strategy?

How to Develop a Multiple Domain SEO Strategy?

Have you ever thought how much SEO power you could have for your business to grow? Maybe you have been trying to rank for some specific keyword and you might losing out to other websites with even less appealing content. Or maybe you are on page 1 of Search Engine Results Page but you’re further down than you’d like to be at.

In other words, you might be wondering how you can improve your SEO when you’re already doing everything that is possible. Turns out that it’s possible to have a huge search engine presence of your website by using something called as a Multiple Domain SEO Strategy. This is how a lot of big businesses dominate the Google and other search engine results pages (SERPs).

It’s not a well-known SEO technique or strategy because it’s not that obvious as you need to go behind the scenes a little bit to uncover this particular method in practice. It can be really powerful if you use it the right way and of course, it is very much a long-term strategy, so you shouldn’t expect to see any immediate wins.

While SEO for multiple domain is not for everyone, this technique can give you a significant SEO boost in the right situation at the right time. So let’s take a sneak peek at what exactly a multiple domain SEO strategy is and how you can develop it effectively.

What Is Multiple Domain SEO Strategy?

A multiple domain strategy is basically all about adding more power to your SEO strategy and tactics. Instead of ranking with just one single domain, you can rank with multiple domains using single tactic. This increases the overall chances that a user will click on a result that directly links to a website you own.

It is a bit of an outside-the-box SEO strategy but most site owners focus on ranking the specific pages. But if you want your brand to rank even more better, a multiple domain strategy will definitely be for you.

Who Should Use This Strategy?

Honestly, this particular strategy is not for all. You can only use this technique if you are very well experienced in the SEO sector. It is worthless to put your efforts, capital and time in multiple sites while the primary website is not even performing well enough with respect to SEO. You should only use this technique when you feel that you are already highly confident with the content that you are providing.

If you use incorrect backlinking tactics, wrong keyword research and others, you are going to waste a lot of your resources. You need to use this technique if and only if you possess enough time and energy to perform it. Without consistency with the content creation and link building, SEO for multiple domain strategy will not work perfectly for sure for your business and that’s why you have to learn everything you can before you actually implement this strategy.

Benefits Of Multiple Domain Strategy

Some of the main benefits of a multiple domain SEO strategy are as follows:

  1. Referral traffic will get quite high.
  2. There will be lesser competition in it.
  3. It would indicate authenticity as your presence will be on all search engines.
  4. It renders an advanced presence in Google image search.

How To Develop A Multiple Domain SEO Strategy

Here is a short overview of the steps that are required in developing a multiple domain SEO strategy:

* Start with proper keywords like all other SEO concepts and see what works for your business.

* Secondly, you will need to make up a list and later make it much more focused by narrowing it down as well as finally selecting your final domain and keywords.

* You can purchase each one of the domains but it is highly recommended that you buy not less than five domains so as to you can set up a system for populating all the contents and building back links that are highly applicable to the websites.

* You will need to begin by installing WordPress on the domain that you bought and later install your theme in it. It is not a problem if you use one theme on all your websites to make them more identical and simpler.

* Focus on populating contents that are based on your desired keywords and make sure the contents are original, legitimate and your keywords are fresh and trending.

* After all this, start building your backlinks and with keywords that are not very likely to be highly competitive on the web, you will gradually start to observe results in very shorter period of time.

* Go for the spreadsheet so that you will be able to track the back links and contents for your websites. And you're pretty much done about developing a multiple domain SEO strategy.


To execute this strategy successfully, do ensure that you have enough resources, sufficient time, as well as a good amount of patience before starting to work. Experience in SEO or content marketing will definitely help you a lot in this and you can take help from others too, who are experienced in this very sector. If you're looking for companies that extend help in this regard for better results, feel free to get in touch with us. Once your SEO is enhanced significantly, you can expect much better rankings with your keywords and other tactics.

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