How To Do Blog Commenting - Everything You Need To Know

How To Do Blog Commenting - Everything You Need To Know

“Blogging is a communications mechanism handed to us by the long tail of the Internet.” – Tom Foremski

Truly speaking, it’s rather difficult defining blogging. Michael Conniff even says that defining ‘Blog’ is a fool’s errand. But no matter what, Blogging is done to exchange knowledge between the blog, the blogger, and the reader. Blog Commenting takes this conversation and knowledge exchange a step forward. Of course, Blog Commenting is good SEO too. If you have hired a good SEO company for your business’s blog, it’ll take care of your Blog Commenting for you. And if not, well, here’s a short guide to Blog Commenting.

What is Blog Commenting?

Blog Commenting, in simple words, is a relationship between the blogger, blog, and blog readers. It is a way to exchange views, thoughts, opinions, ideas, experiences, etc. for a particular blog. Blog readers/viewers/visitors do blog comment on a blog post if there is any query they wish to ask, or if they are replying to any comment posted previously, or even if they just wish to appreciate the knowledge being shared through the blog. 

As said before, Blog Commenting is good SEO. Wondering how? Well, if you wish to get some good backlinks to your blog, posting valuable comments and remarks on blogs or Blog Commenting is a great way to go. 

There are various benefits associated with Blog Commenting. They include –

* The first and the most obvious benefit of blog commenting is of course being able to share knowledge.

* Continuous or consequent blog commenting on a blog post can make it viral. The more, the better, the valuable the comments, the more will be the popularity of the blog.

* DoFollow blogs give you a hyperlink to your name and most recent blog post. Thus, you can build your link popularity simply with some valuable comments.

* In short, good backlinks, and more traffic are some obvious benefits (especially when you are commenting on blog posts that are relevant to your site.

* If you become a repeat visitor to a blog post, the owner will notice you and visit your site. (Of course, this interest of the blog owner depends completely upon the credibility of your comment) If they find any of your blogs valuable, Tada! you may just get invited as a guest blogger or at least a link to you in some of their posts.

* Thus, being able to write as a guest blogger will also be able to get a link back; and you’ll thus be able to build relationships with other blogs and bloggers.

* Finally, you are also creating awareness about your brand and earning brand recognition. This is why you should comment both on do-follow and no-follow sites.

How To Do Blog Commenting?

Blog Commenting is a rather easy action – the most difficult part of which is the actual content of your comment. The content of your comment is what is going to get you better traffic, awareness, and brand recognition too. There are some simple steps that you can follow for doing Blog Commenting. They include – 

* First and foremost, find Quality Blogs to comment upon. You can do this by building your own list of Blog Commenting Sites. You can do this using various tricks – (i) Using Blog Finder Tools that are out there which you can use to find such Blog Commenting sites; (ii) Use search engines to search for Blog Commenting Sites; and (iii) The best one is to spy on your competitors. Your competitors will be using those sites that are relevant and will get them the attention of their target audience, which is also relevant to you. So this is a good option. Remember that at the end of the day, the blog sites and the posts that you comment on should be relevant to your site as they will fetch you your target audience.

* The next step is to make a useful & effective comment. A comment that only appreciates the post will get you nothing more than some acknowledgment/attention from the author, but no more. So, along with appreciation, be sure to add in personal reviews or add in any personal experiences that resonate with the article. You can also go ahead and ask a relevant question that can help the author shed more light on a specific aspect. This can surely get the attention of the blogger as well as any reader who is interested in knowing the answer to the question you have brought to focus.

* The next step is to Create Blog Commenting backlinks. With do-follow sites, you’ll get link juice while with no-follow sites, you’ll get trust. Anyways, commenting and creating backlinks are good. You can create the backlinks either manually, use various backlink-creating tools, or simply buy backlinks.

* The final step is to index all your backlinks. So, how do you do that? Well, it’s not that difficult. You simply need to sign in with your Gmail, copy the site URL where you have left a comment, and then paste & submit them to Google. Or you can simply pay for Backlink Indexing Services.

And that’s it, you are done with your Blog Commenting!

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