How to drive business growth through parking app development

How to drive business growth through parking app development

With the growing number of commuters opting for car in metropolitan cities has led to lack of parking space. Buying a Parking space can burn a hole in your pocket in metros. Also, parking in a tow-away zone may also put the drivers’ license in jeopardy. An alternate to solve the issue is Car parking App Development. The alternate not only solves the problem but also develops a business and kick starts employment generation in the field availing the mobile technology. The mobile app technology will facilitate a smarter way to park a car on a real time basis.

Finding a vacant space nearby the car based on vehicle location tracking system will also offer benefits to drivers like saving time, being efficient and mitigating the scanty traffic issues on main roads and even the jams in the streets. This offers a perfect business space especially for the tech-based start-ups to plunge into this one and drive business growth.

Here are a few things that you need to take care of when you are entering into the business of on-demand parking app development.

1. Geofencing – Integrating Geofencing technology in the mobile app will allow people to know where their peers have tagged them with respect to the parking space. It also allows the alert notification to get to the users whenever the space is vacant.

2. Time – Timing of the booking spot for longer hours which actually pertains to the timings of the office goers should be looked into as they are a loss to the business. There should be a space management & Spot reservations.

3. Booking on-the-go - The edge this business has is that allows you to use a blend of consumer location and geo-fencing that alerts drivers with nearby parking space as soon as the driver is traced in the area of parking spots in real-time. Here, the profits can be yielded during the peak hours of the day with differential pricing especially during events.

4. Real-time navigation - The location-based navigation services such as Maps, GPS, Getting an email/SMS notification when the parking session ends, extend the parking session on a single tap, Dashboard with historical parking data and charges can ease out the way to reach the destination.

5. Additional features- The app must be well equipped with necessary parking decisions such as a smart video within the application helping the user drive to get to the desired location. Voice commands which increases the parking app’s reliability.

6. Safety – Making safety a priority. Car or payment safety concerns should be addressed properly.

7. Accurate information - App can inform users about parking meter rates, time limits for free parking, tow-away hours etc.

8. Overtake Competitors – Fix Public transit schedules, Make it easy to find a parked car etc.

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